10 months

I'm 10 months old and full of laughs!! I'm a little over 17lbs and more than 2 feet tall! I roll, scoot, rock, stand with help, (still don't crawl more than one hand) I love to jump, play peek a boo, love my Lego fire truck, fireman sam is my favorite show! I love floating in the bathtub just don't make me get out please! I am extremely ticklish! Love to play with my big sisters , love taking long naps with my daddy and my mommy tickles and plays peek a boo with me plus lets me jump on everything. I love all foods but peaches are gross and bananas I love but they make my tummy hurt so no more bananas for me. Sweet potatoes, peas, rice from the Thai restaurant , asparagus, squash you name it I like it so far. I love my thumb as most can see it's hard to take away from me! For the most part I'm happy and fun and love to be cuddled and hugged!