I will be honest this was by far the one procedure / event/ life defying moment that my life finally sat still! yes quiet.still non - moving and well I shut down ..

Tennessee.... 2021

I haven't posted in a while due to trying to move and finalize all of the things to close out the last chapter in our lives and move forward in this new chapter. The move I will say has been extremely difficult. I have had a lot of ups and downs but I have learned as a mum with a beautiful Special Blessing I am not allowed feelings or at least not to show or express b/c others always need me more than I can ask for help myself. Sometimes I think the feelings that build up inside of me are paralyzing. But I find some way like in the Doman Program to drop myself so I use another part of my brain to process and pull out of the paralyzing state.

The Best I Can

“I’m doing the best I can”. I listened as she told me her story and realize how similar our lives are in so many ways! But I also realized she was a lot further than me in the whole “I got this”