11 months

I am 11 months old! Still have no teeth!!! But I am able to eat pretty much anything off mommy plate. (She shares better than Daddy) I can crawl finally but I throw a fit to show everyone I would rather not! I can pull myself up with your finger or if I'm by the couch. I love my walker and going around the kitchen. My new favorite food is French toast. But I love guacamole, chicken, salmon, sweet potatoes, refried beans, pasta, peas, and beans and toast! I drool a lot bc of these teeth. I make baby teradactyl sounds and think it's funny! Also think the word poop is hallarious. Love to Help mommy dress me and change me but when daddy does It I like to act like a crazy baby alligator 😂😂😂 today I got my first haircut!! I am now a big boy!!