14 months

I am 14 months old and I can move around just about anywhere I want. I am good though I don't care to get into things just like my toys and to roam around the house, I like to look out the front door and to play in the kitchen ... I love all foods I eat just about anything on my plate and mommy and daddy's ... I can stand up but I still don't care to walk. I have gone a few steps and stood with my cup but would rather crawl much faster and safer :) I have really grown seems like over night. I weigh 22 lbs and am 31 inches long. I love zootopia, fireman sam, and gnomeo and juliet was just introduced and I laughed like crazy. I love my new toy that I can make the little circles fall and play with the little pegs on the top. Such fun. I still hate regular store bought milk but love the fresh milk at the dairy in Georgetown. :) I like oranges and apples . Really anything. Jumping is still my favorite things to do besides bath time and jumping in the bath to make the water go everywhere is the BEST!!!!! I get my own toys out of the basket now mommy doesn't even have to give them to me. I pull up and get them myself ... I am growing so fast! For the most part I am pretty happy I love to play, jump , and peak a boo is still my favorite game. I have a toy I use the hammer to push the pegs in and that is also GREAT fun b/c it is loud. My Auntie Deborah Robb and Uncle Ian Speed got me musical toys and those are too much fun! I play with those all the time in the car, at basketball games, at my mommy work, and at home!! Christmas was fun I really had a great time opening presents and playing with the paper and boxes. I got a new firetruck ball pit and that is so fun. daddy gets inside with me and plays I think it is funny. I went to Arkansas for christmas and got to see my Aunt Dottie, Aunt Susie Blair Stinson, Tina Carver, Vaughn, Maddi, Maci, Brian N Kim Stinson, Aunt Melissa House, Aunt Trish, Jenna DeLaine Croft, Jenna Croft, Ti, Uncle Ashley, Grandma Regina, I didn't have a lot of time but I got to see a lot of people we were only there a day b/c we wanted to be home for my Christmas at home. Came home and had Christmas with my sister Kaytlynn Myshell Plunk and her boyfriend Dillon. It was funny they were hitting my sister with the empty wrapping paper roll I thought it was so funny. Thank you GREAT Aunt Marion McDonald and Great Uncle Richard McDonald for my awesome Christmas outfit. Was a little late but didn't stop me from wearing it! It is awesome! Life is full of so many new and exciting things it is neat to see how different everyday is and what I can learn and do! Everyday has a new adventure! Can't wait to see what 2017 has in store and what I can learn to do ... Hope everyone has a Happy New Year !!!!! Love Liam xxxx