15 months

I am 15 months old! I still won't walk alone have to be holding the wall , couch or something! It's just easier this way moving to me is easier by speed crawling or reaching my arms UP!!! I'm 22lb 10oz . 31 1/2 inches long. I love most all foods I'm definitely not a picky eater, but it does make me mad if you're eating and I'm not; I'm a growing boy !!! I love to stay home and chase the puppy , climb on things even though I for some reason can't get down afterwards but it's funny bc I make mommy or daddy have to come get me! (I wouldn't have it any other way). I high five, waive bye bye , babble mama dada a lot plus the babble they don't seem to understand and I don't get.

I love love pots and pans! Mommy has a new little chopping cart they are in easy reach and I love to go grab them and bang on them! It's so much fun when mommy is cooking or just to get daddy attention . I love my toys I can clank on and my blocks and fireman Sam doll from England. And my monkey from my friend Tyne . I have a lot of awesome people that play with me at all the basketball games they say I'm the team baby! I Love my basketball Grandma's PatandSteve Hatch and Bobby Huston . I love to jump all the time , love to take baths too I always crawl to the bathroom and climb on the stair of the tub begging to get in or back in! I sleep all night . I love my crib although I've been teething so I've managed to what seems like "Eat my crib" . I have 6 full teeth now 2 on top 4 on bottom it's so fun to give mommy and daddy kisses and bite . They scream and it makes me giggle. I'm happy for the most part these teeth do make my belly hurt and I get a little whiny but mostly I am silly and fun.