16 months

I'm 16 months old! I'm very silly!!!!!! I am finally walking and love to see my family get all excited when I walk instead of speed crawl! I love to play with pots and pans, my magnets and love to make a big mess with the DVD's and in my room! It's really funny! They clean I destroy 😂. I laugh a lot my sissy Joy shakes the water bottles and it is soooo funny! I am super ticklish! I love to blow raspberries and my adopted grandma Marilyn showed me how to move my tongue around my mouth mine doesn't make those silly sounds but I will get it to one day. I drool a lot more teeth coming thru!!! 😳. More to bite with. Mommy and daddy scream when I bite but it makes my gums feel better 😁. I still adore my thumb . I have a red headed temper for sure it's my way or we'll I can throw a temper 😂. I love to take baths still I will always go straight to the tub if the door to daddy and mommy room is open. They close it now and that's no fun. They even locked the cabinets in the kitchen ! Where's the fun in that! 😂. I change daily I love eating so far I can't eat bananas they make me sick. And I don't like turkey sandwich meat! The only thing I like about it is taking it out of my mouth and throwing it on the floor for the dog! But all and all I eat anything they let me have . I like to explore and chase he puppy around and just like to stay busy! I am approx 23 lbs