17 months

I am 17 months old my mommy is Late posting bc it's a very busy time in our house sissy graduates in 36 days and leaves us for the Marines in 60days . I am also getting very very busy and instead of walking I realize my little legs can RUN!!! It's funny I'm small I can get places Daddy can't and it's fun to see him have to get up to get me. I'm still a speed crawler don't leave your door open because I am coming. I like to open cabinets , play with DVD cases, make big messes after mommy cleans them. I have started pinching mommy and daddy say it hurts and screams and I laugh hysterically most times. I still live my bath and I like to scream in this high pitch sound it annoys daddy he says it's loud, mommy does it with me . We laugh. I weigh a little over 25 lbs I'm out growing all my clothes but that's fine don't like them anyway. I still love all my veggies , chicken, fish, Mac n cheese, noodles from Ginger & Spice (my favorite) I still only drink fresh milk that store bought stuff is nasty! I love water. But lemons are gross! I love to run outside and play. I'm growing super fast it's hard to believe that I'm almost a year and half old. I learn new things all the time and when I don't want something I push it away. I love to feed the dog when I'm full, Chasing him around is so fun although mommy locks me away from him sometimes so he can rest she says .(he's old ). I love to play ball pushing back and forth is great fun! My Manuel Duarte came by to see me yesterday I got to play in a police car and he played ball with me too. So now I don't know if I will be fireman, paramedic or policeman but love all these great people in my life that love me. My Tina Carver is here to visit me this week we had a ball the other night I walked all the way from her hotel room to he parking lot where our car was. I'm such a big boy! Learning and growing daily!!!