18 months

I'm 18 months old and I am a busy little guy! I have learned to open some doors and it's funny when I try to run out. They have to lock everything . I might not climb but I can get into loads on my level.

I am happy almost all the time. I love sleeping in I just don't get to much but lately my awesome big sister Joy Plunk has let me sleep in and mommy comes to get me when I wake up. We watched home together when I got up she is so cool 😎!!! I'm going to miss her !!! I am right at 28lbs mommy made daddy get me a BIG car seat for his big truck and she turned my seat around so I can see now in her truck it is much better to face forward! I am in the 85 % now I guess the fresh dairy milk mommy and daddy drive an hour to get me has really fattened me up! But it is so good. I still love all my veggies, peas are my favorite and carrots . Love apples still and oranges the little cuties and the HEB Bellas are so good! I'm not picky! I have 9 teeth my big teeth are coming in so they hurt me but I don't complain much just chew on everything including daddy 😂😳. He says OUCH!!! Liam that hurts and I laugh.
I decided I Like to pinch I pinch my tummy it doesn't hurt but momm and daddy say OUCH again I laugh . 😁

I love the beach and my new car my Uncle Jeff Spohn got me. We went to sissy prom she looked so pretty and I got to play in the sand and water , I even got to sit in a big limo! I hated leaving it was a blast! But we will be back soon.

I am loving my trips to the park the merry go round with sissy and the swings are my favorite. Not to sure about the slide yet !! I am running everywhere now and it's funny to watch mommy keep up with me and even more fun to watch daddy he can't always catch me 😂🤣😂🤣 I am still a monkey for daddy bc it is funny. I love gnomeo and Juliet , Home and Zootopia still. Oh and Fireman Sam! Of course !
I love to babble and make loads of noise ! And my Monkey my friend Tyne got me is still my favorite !!! (Cim SeatheskyGinger & Spice )