19 months

I'm 19 months old! I'm very busy! I like to open and shut cabinets! I like to shut doors and the refrigerator. I have learned how to open some doors . I make loads of bubble sounds, raspberries , and I love to babble! I'm a giggle box most days unless I'm sleepy!! I seriously love the beach!!! I am running everywhere and love to swing! I HATE the slide ! It is scary . I still love most all foods. Veggies, grill cheese, fish , chicken. Pasta pretty much all foods . I have 10 teeth and just had my first ear infection . Unfortunately I can't have the yummy medicine bc it breaks me out! So I had to take a nasty one for 5 days but I took it so I could feel better! I love to hug 🤗 pinch. And if you don't watch I'm liable to bite. 😳 I ran a 5k with mommy and sissy but I was lucky and road on a back pack on sissy . It was ok until I got too hot but we all made it. Sissy leaves tomorrow for the Marines it's exciting but sad ! I'm going to miss her! Miss her throwing me in the air and letting me sleep in on days mommy has me . I still love ❤️ the water and swimming is awesome! Very hard to get me out of the bath tub or the pool without me yelling at you! I've tried to jump in but Chuck Hertel wouldn't let me I laughed ! Melinda McBride Manigoldandher sweet friend let me swim it was so fun. Port A is a blast! I love to do so many things and I'm growing so fast I'm 28 lbs and have started wearing a size 3T shirt and shorts ! I am a BIG boy and happy most of the time. I am very curious! It's funny 😂 ! I open everything I can and love to kiss mirrors ! Mommy said it is good I love myself 😂🤣. I love my new red car, and all my toys ! Making a mess is my best accomplishment each day!! Back to mischief until end of this month!!