2 years

I am 2 yes I know that’s hard to believe! I am trying to earn my title “Terrible 2”. But I’m so cute they can’t help but laugh and love me when i beg for something get it then throw it on the floor. I can love on you one second and hit the next 😞. But all and all I am still pretty happy! I love throwing the ball can do it for hours I am a good traveler have been to 9 states and two countries now. I handle it pretty well although my big teeth are coming in and they hurt ! I went to North Carolina this month to see my big Sissy graduate Combat school I miss her!! Mommy won’t let me play in her room it makes me sad. I love playing with my vetch cars ! We have come to see my great Nan in England and get to have my happy 2 birthday!! My auntie Deborah Robb and Uncle Ian Speed had a lovely birthday party for me and my Auntie Sinead Guyett and Ben came as well as my sweet Auntie Anne Gallegos. They got me neat LOUD toys and cool England clothes it was a blast also had a neat caterpillar cake with its ears on fire for me to blow out! (Daddy helped) we went to Southampton to see the sites on our way to Nans and I love loud people watching “Football” in the Pub it is soooo funny!!! But annoying when the pub staff made him be quiet 😡 We had Indian food and have much more planned will have a UK holiday post later!! But as far as being 2 I am just a happy Loud boy who loves to play with sticks, eat dirt and I’m learning what a temper tantrum is and to be honest it’s funny to watch when mommy or daddy do it with me. 😁. Keeping everyone on their toes! That’s my job and I feel I do it well 😂😂😂. Daddy carries me on his shoulders a lot bc I am so fast and he can’t keep up! Sooo funny to watch him try my legs may be little but I’m super fast 😂. I am signing a little but still prefer not to really talk! I babble with more sounds now but nothing that Daddy and mommy understand they try teaching me words and I laugh at them. But they always know what I want. And I know how to annoy them so my job is done 😁. So off for my adventures and I will post more since we are on holiday and celebrating me being AWESOME 2!