2 years 3 months

I am 2 years 3 months old. I love to play outside . Sticks are my favorite toy. I love to climb up and go down my little slide. Climbing on the couch and jumping on the back is fun too but mommy always gets scared I’m going to fall, I’m a boy I want to have fun and be wild.i still love all foods milk shakes are the best .

I am curious and love to make very big messes for my Daddy. Mommy and I chill a lot or play together but I go crazy when Daddy gets there and turn into the taz-mania devil. I go running and want to jump and bounce and then when he puts me to bed I take all my stuff and throw it on the floor because it’s so funny to watch him pick it all up and say”Liam your a monkey ”. I just laugh! And when he leaves it’s fun to do it all again.

I love my blocks and sorting them is still a lot of fun for me mommy dumps them and puts the lid on and I will put them all back. If you don’t put the lid on I like to throw them everywhere 🤪. Messes are the best. But I love it when Daddy reads all my books too me. I love books and love going to the book store the hardest part is picking out a book . Love my cars and all my Vtech cars . If it makes noise then we are having fun. I still watch fireman sam and Boss Baby is my favorite movie right now .

Sometimes I throw little fits but mommy doesn’t react she likes to video don’t know why she thinks it’s funny when I’m mad, but she just takes out the camera and videos so all of the family can see me mad. Why y’all like that I don’t know but mommy laughs and eventually I just get up bc my fit did nothing but Cause me to lay on the floor while they laugh.

I still love going to the farm to get milk that milk is yummy. I love the park, feeding the ducks , swinging Love going to go he zoo and riding the carousel and train and just running around. Dirt is fun too! I’m all boy!!!