2 years and 1 month

I am 2 years and 1 month and this is a few days late....But who’s counting right. I still don’t talk but I can make sure you know what I want! Or at least Mommy and Daddy. I babble, mimic your cough and think sneezing is super hallarious!!! Playing 🏀 is my favorite next to playing with the blocks! Love my Fireman Sam still. I have now been to 11 states and 2 countries we have been lots of places the last few months spending time with my sissy and our out of country family! It’s great to see my sister I miss her! I love to carry the picture of the two of us around . Her friend Georgie is so sweet she treated me like her little brother so I adopted her as my new big sister! You can never have enough big sisters right! They protect me ! They took me roller skating we had a lot of fun. I wasn’t the best at it but I did find it funny to roll as they held my hand and as mommy and Daddy held my hands. I got to play in the play area and made a friend he was sweet he hugs as much as me. And doesn’t talk much either . We didn’t have to trade names bc we don’t talk but we Climbed , Ran and played for over an hour. Thanksgiving was fun my cousins Maddi and Maci and my Aunt Tina came up to see me in Missouri and I got to see my Cousin Amanda and Kevin although I was sooo sleeping I wouldn’t hardly wake up for them to see my funny silly personality! But was nice to have all the family come and be around all of us for the holiday. My newest thing is “Cheese” for the camera but with all my teeth. They want me to smile well here you go lol. I love to be outside, Love French toast, French fries, broccoli, peas, butternut squash,sweet potatoes, green beans , oh I love smoothies BUT when mommy has a frappe I think I prefer that over the smoothie 😂. She was sad to notice I drank it all but it was sooo good. Can’t wait to see where this year takes me! We brought home loads of chocolate buttons for me from England yummy love those and my hot chocolate. I am spoiled , loved and am as the brits say “a cheeky” little boy! But all and all 98% of the time I’m happy and easy going just don’t let the red head temper come out bc it’s not pretty although sometimes I catch mommy and Daddy laughing when I’m throwing a fit. Don’t know why they think it’s cute I’m MAD. Well Merry Christmas everyone and I will post again at 2 year 2 months and tell you how my Christmas went and if mommy finally put up the tree or not! 🙃. Think she thinks I’m going to climb it. She says it’s because it’s heavy and she needs help. But we all know the truth . 😂. Sending Liam love out 😘. Happy Holidays !