2 years and 10 months

I am 2 years and 10 months I have been to 15 states and 3 countries today marks my last day of my holiday in the fabulous 🇬🇧 United Kingdom. I’ve enjoyed England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 this trip. We’ve seen so many friends / family and have enjoyed spending time with them . I’ve been to the London Zoo, Osterley park, Kew Gardens , Hampton’s Court, enjoyed walking the beautiful, but fast paced city of London, made new friends at the local Brentford Pub,I rode a double decker bus and sat on the top and watched the cars below. In Cornwall I rode on a real steam train 🚂 , I chased loads of ducks that are probably super glad I am leaving the country today. They are probably having a quacking good time celebrating knowing they can rest now. I played on the beautiful Newquay beach and in the cold Atlantic Ocean, I had my first 99 and well still not sure I like ice cream. But love the Cadbury flake or anything chocolate ! I played with kids and played ball with a group of kids they even gave me the ball when they had to leave. I had my first pouty face over cake 🍰 what better thing to want to pout for!!!! I went to a chocolate factory and had real homemade Hot Chocolate. I had a silly chocolate stash of course Mommy took pictures wouldn’t you be disappointed if she didn’t?

I don’t want to leave and have been a whiney little cheeky boy this am letting them know my protest to leave great food, cooler temperature, friends , and family is a REAL protest!!!! I’m not backing down. We got to the airport and mommy and I went in with our luggage (mommy didn’t have to buy a new bag!!!!). Haha daddy kept telling everyone that we would have to go back to Argos for another bag she proved him wrong. But she also carried two empty bags over with us this time. Daddy took the rental car back and I played with the big interactive screen like my tablet but bigger than me at Heathrow terminal 5 airport , It was great. When Daddy got there we went and checked our big bag and the pram and off to security. All went smooth since my car seat folds up but they wanted to test mommy hand sanitizer and Daddy sweetener in my diaper bag wow Daddy and mommy holding up the process and none of it was even mine!!! The security lady was super nice and chatted with us but as you know my mommy could make friends with anyone. I got the lovely window seat again, love looking outside . I dozed off for a nap but mommy woke me for food so I ate and then played with my games. I am starting to make more sounds and I am copying more of what people are doing . My speech therapist says that is good. I’m learning I am super Smart on my tablet I can do things mommy can’t . Like I take loads of videos of myself and my feet and love to play them over and over.

I make flying sounds and demonstrate a plane flying with my hands when we talk about planes . I make a fish move sometimes when I see fish like at the garden center I wanted to grab them. Mommy was grossed out bc I was trying to drink the water... well the fish are ok so I figured it was safe for me too .

Mommy bought me size 5-6 clothes in the UK and believe it or not they fit and I am only 2 well almost 3. Everyone says what a big boy I am.

I had some first this month so it made it special I am saying mama more and always say dada and I’ve been saying dath instead of bath. And now I mumble NO no no no bc I hear it so much figured it was a good word to be able to say. Still make my normal E sound and some others I click my tongue blow raspberries and just like to be as silly as possible.

On the plane I was very talkative for a bit while people including mommy was trying to sleep she kept saying 🤫 shhh 🤫 I thought it was funny.

We got home after getting my milk from the farm and mommy cooked dinner while we put up all of the stuff from abroad. Mommy looks like she needs CA (chocolate Anonymous) our table sure looks purple for Cadbury and also like the Kernow chocolate factory store front!!! I miss everyone and the food so much...

I am struggling a lot with changing back to America. Time and my tummy has been upset since we got home. Guess it’s plane germs and the stress of eating airplane food and having to leave our holiday. I had the best month now we go back to normal life well as normal as the McDonalds could possibly be. Thank you for following our journey and for loving us. We’ve been up 21 hours so time for bed! Until next month....

Love Liam