2 years and 11 months

I am 2 years and 11 months my last month to be two! All the adults say man I’m getting old on their birthdays so I guess I will say I’m getting old too!!! I am wearing a 5-6 in jeans now they are a little big but they have the pull straps so they fit I am really growing and am extremely strong!!! I got this really neat new bracelet with trains on it that has my name and daddy and mummy’s phone numbers so if I get lost or wonder off but I am normally pretty good at staying with them. Mummy said it keeps me safe!! We didn’t go anywhere far away this month think we are still recovering from our trip abroad poor Daddy still hasn’t gotten back to himself. We went to Morgan’s again this month and I was able to wear my brand new Thomas the train swimsuit I love it! There was a little boy there that had a ball and played ball with me for a long time I had so much fun playing with someone small like me, I normally only have adults to play with. !

I still love playing outside still and my tablet is on of my very favorites but mummy won’t let me play it at home she makes me play with Toys which is ok but I love tablets ....

I had my first play date and got invited to my first birthday party 🎉 👏🏻 with my new friend Catherine that we met at the Austin Airport they were traveling to the UK at the same time. She and I had great fun at the airport and her mummy and mine traded numbers so we could play again once we all got back to Texas. She was playing with a new game on her tablet and I found it and downloaded it! Daddy and Mummy get so amazed at what I do on the tablet but it’s just so much fun. I still love changing the language on the Tv bc it’s hard for mummy to change back to English I laugh and when she isn’t looking I change again!

Catherine birthday party we went over to her house and , played with bubbles , balloons , played with her little brother, ran screamed and had pizza and cake! They had these really cool balloons that would light up. Her mummy made awesome homemade scones think I ate at least 3. Yummmmy. It was like being abroad all over again. So glad I finally have a friend. She didn’t want me to go home and I was having so much fun I didn’t really want to leave either but they promised we would do it again soon! I was excited because Catherine and I were able to messenger each other and talk to one another. She understands me it’s like she can speak liam! So nice to have someone my size and a friend!!!

We had and exciting time going to the ground breaking ceremony for two new fire stations for Travis County ESD1 it was super exciting to watch them dig and then the adults were throwing dirt 😳. And everyone clapped . Watching them do the flags was awesome and of course all the fire trucks 🚒 ambulances and lights I was super excited!!!

It has been a more relaxing month than the past few due to us all being exhausted well mummy and daddy I am full of energy, I can’t chase the dog or run enough love playing outside I took mommy a boot and red shoe she put them on me but I got upset bc she wouldn’t let me go outside. Finally she got me some clothes and put matching shoes on (like I really cared if they matched I just wanted to go OUTSIDE ). My sitter Shae is like my sister too , she is going to school on Tuesday and Wednesday nights so she has been able to continue watching me I am so happy because I love her!!!! She plays , chases me and screams with me . She’s funny!!!! I am saying mum mum mum a lot more than before and am getting braver with stairs but still want to hold your hand. I love chasing and playing with my sissy puppy Casper he sometimes gets tired and mummy has to allow him to rest I guess I have more energy than he does .

I went to visit with the school also to have what they call a play session or interview for me to start school next month! I am excited, I think, to start school but I will miss Amanda she is the best and mummy says I have learned so much from her! I’m smart I know lots of things but I would rather keep them guessing. Think mommy is seeing thru my game or starting too 😳.

I still love to make a big mess planes are my absolute favorite thing right now Daddy and mummy are trying to find a Ba 747 for me to complete my collection of plane I’ve been on. The only one we haven’t bought is Delta and that’s bc they were mean to our military and with my sissy being a Marine that doesn’t go over well with our mummy!!

We had a birthday for my daddy they said he was old and had black napkins and such. I love making messes especially with paper towels they are so much fun to tear up!!! I am learning to clean up but only bc it is so much fun to see daddy and mummy act crazy and scream and clap. I am showing them more what I want and trying to be better at communication but hey I’m a guy so it’s ok if I don’t communicate really well or at least that is what mummy says .....😬. Next month is going to be so much fun... my TShirt sales, strawberry patch with my friend Catherine , the run with Liam walk and roll and my birthday!!! Can’t wait for my weekend with Catherine!!! And can’t wait for my birthday with my Aunts, Uncles , and cousins !!


Until next month 💜Liam