2 years and 2 months

I am two years and two months ! This was my 3rd Christmas it was fun but I wish my sissy Joy could have stayed longer. Glad I got to have Christmas with her though. I love my new toy she bought me where it has lots of blocks and things to do. I got all sorts of new things . Mommy and daddy went to a discovery Christmas party this month and I played at my Auntie AmyJo Hallmark it was fun. We also had a fun get together at our house where people came had dinner and played silly games I was played with a lot it was so fun. I like to climb under the tree some but didn’t mess with it much . But rolling my ball under it to crawl under and push it out when I he lights were on was great fun. I’m still pretty much happy and I like to copy your sounds but still don’t have anything to say to anyone. I get what I need to eat, my diaper changed, and I show them anything I want so why use words right!!! Words are over rated and my biggest sister uses enough of those for all of us (don’t kill me Kaytlynn) .i know how to start my movies on my amazon fire, I can “x” out of programs on the computer and make FaceTime calls my parents are so amazed they can’t even get mad 🤪 bath Time is still my favorite part of the day love playing with my toys and getting the bathroom wet. I have 8 teeth on the bottom and 8 on top I’m over 3 feet tall and wear a size 3 and am growing out of that pretty quickly. We didn’t travel this December and it was nice to be home. But still enjoyed all the new things and places we have been the last three months and the quality time we had with my sissy Joy before she went to her station now that she is finished with all her Marine Training!!! Excited to hopefully visit her there and get to eat real Japanese food although hibachi is good it’s a little scary with those flames going way up! I normally scream and I know y’all think that is sooo funny since my Daddy is a fireman 🚒 but that’s stuff is hot!!! Other than growing like a weed I still eat pretty much all foods, still enjoy my fresh milk from the dairy and fresh meat and veggies (carrots yummy) . I’m just a pretty laid back easy going little lad and can’t wait to make you smile. Have a blessed New Year and see y’all in 2018 !!