2 years and 4 months

I’m 2 years and 4 months. I’m growing like a weed. I wear 3 and some 4T clothes I still love my fresh milk like it makes me super excited to see mommy and daddy get the jug out although I’m impatient and get mad if I don’t get it immediately sometimes and I throw into a tantrum but for some reason they ignore me so it doesn’t last long . I am trying to say I’m mad 😡 but they don’t care so I get up and go find something else to get into. I am climbing better, love to run, jump, play in puddles and dirt and get dirty. Love being silly and making people laugh and nose kisses with mommy are the best. I still don’t have much to say but I love to giggle and play . I’m all boy give me a broom or stick and I can stay busy for hours. My favorite place is still the park and the fire 🔥 station in Jonestown where all the guys play with me. I love to destroy my room when Daddy is with me. Funny to get every single item all over the floor where you can’t see it and watch Daddy say “Liam you made a big mess”. Then he cleans it up. I love dumping my cars and make them roll around the floor and playing with my helicopter is so much fun Making it fly like on Fireman sam! Cookie Monster cookie thief is another new favorite and love love to blow raspberries especially when I can see it I know gross I’m a boy what can I say! Our close friends in Ireland got me some cool new shirts the Mr. Happy shirt is my favorite bc I am Mr. happy!!! Well until I’m mad! I’m growing way to fast so they say! But I’m just enjoying every day and everyone in my little world!!! I have the best little world!!!