2 years and 5 months

I am 2 years and 5 months! I am a character ! I love to stick my tongue out for selfies now! My grandma asked who taught me that but I taught myself bc it’s funny!! I love the game “where’s Liam” it always makes me smile laugh and hide! I went to two new states this month Maryland and Pennsylvania!! So now I’ve been to 13 states and 2 countries! I got to meet my great grandpa ,my Aunt Michele, and my aunt Ilona and Uncle Roy. They were super cool!!!! Hope to spend more time with them ! We went and saw the battlefield of Gettysburg and I played in the snow! They wore me out I fell asleep at the table twice 😂 . Snow is cold. Much nicer to allow Daddy to pick it up and super funny watching mommy throw a snowball at Daddy. We went to the National Fire Academy and saw the memorial of the fallen it was neat even though the ground was covered in snow the bricks of the fallen firefighters were clear . You could sit on the ground and it was warm bc the bricks were heated to keep them clear and visible. I got lots of cool shirts . We went Hershey Pennsylvania and saw the chocolate factory that was really neat watching the singing cows 🐄.

I was super loving and gave every stranger a hug! Mommy seemed worried I just laughed! Mommy did really good traveling alone with me! I tried to behave but it’s so much fun to run so she put me in my car seat and made me ride thru the airport bc I just couldn’t help myself I had to hug people!!! We went to the pub to wait for our flight she ordered me Mac n cheese and she got fish and chips . I ate her fish and chips 😂 she should just order me fish and chips. I got to sit in the very front row of the plane going home and loved watching out the window until I fell asleep.

This was a very exciting month . I am growing mommy says I look like a little boy now instead of a baby 🍼. Miss my daddy he’s been in Maryland for 2 weeks for school so I’ve been FaceTiming him but it’s not the same. He’s my best friend! But I’ve been giving mommy extra love! Think she has enjoyed it . I love making silly faces, playing and just being a boy! Shae had been staying at the house with me to help mommy where I can play at home instead of going to work with mommy everyday. She is loads of fun!!! Mommy still tried to get me to say mama and I will say dada dada to tease her because it’s funny! I’m still a happy go lucky easy go boy as my shirt Teresa and Stephen sent me I am “Mr. Happy”. Basketballs are my favorite I love to watch them be dribbled I have tried I’m not quiet there but I have the passing down. I learn new things everyday! Life is full

Of adventures !! Love y’all back to my adventures for Easter weekend! Hoping for chocolate Buttons!!! Come on British Easter Bunny 🐰😂😂Happy Easter 🐣! Liam