2 years and 7 months

I am 2 years and 7 months ! This month was very crazy, I had a few test but found out I am super healthy! Although looking at me you can tell I eat my veggies and love my milk . I don’t miss meals for sure mommy cooks all the time for me. I still love stairs and playing in the swimming pool is the best; so glad it’s finally summer. . I love the park it’s still one of my favorite places to play! Being outside is the best athought the bugs drive me crazy in my face . I love playing with my football (aka soccer ball) ⚽️ and basketballs 🏀 . I like to throw them as hard as I can and mommy kicks it back. I’ve learned to somewhat dribble getting there but throwing is better. Mommy rearranged the living room and brought my grandma chair to the main room it is my new favorite like to nap in it and watch my movies . I just look at her and Ask for milk and well she brings it over for me in my big chair I’m so spoiled 😬. I love to climb up and down the front of the slide and practicing going up the ladder of the slide. I climb on the couch all the time now and like to play peak a boo well actually I like To be scared or pretend to try to scare you when I pop up. 😂. I am silly and fun and a daddy’s boy for sure!!! They all say I’m totally different around him. Guess I just miss him since he is at work 3 days . He’s my hero . I love to go to the fire station and drive the ambulance 🚑 and fire truck 🚒 (not really but I pretend) like to turn on the lights and see them flash! The guys up there are so much fun to play with! It’s kind of like having a play date when I go up there! No little toys but BIG boy toys are fun!!! Daddy gets to come home when he works at the local fire department and as much as I hate to see him leave I love it bc he turns on the lights for me. I watch him leave and get so excited. I’m still a good eater and I still love going to the Farm for my milk. The girls there are a blast they play with me while mommy gets the milk, eggs, meats and veggies. Mommy makes yummy pies and I get to lick the bowl and beaters for the meringue . I am getting to stay home more since it’s summer and Shae Tuman And Hattie Blair will come to the house and watch me so I can play more and not have to sit at the office with mommy so much. I will maybe be going to school when I turn 3 in October mommy and Daddy are still meeting people to see. I had lots of visitors this month and I love seeing people and getting to play and hug everyone. My Aunts came down this month, the reason they were here wasn’t fun but having them here was a blast! They played with me and we laughed and I am so glad I had that time with them. I love my aunties!!! I am happy and like to laugh, play ,be fun , loving and silly all the time!! Can’t complain life as a 2 year old is great! Sending love and Blessings for a fabulous June!! Love Liam! Run With Liam