2 years and 9 months

I am 2 years and 9 months. I can climb and it’s great! I have learned to climb on the kitchen table , get M&M’s, put the lid back on and not get caught! Well kind of...... they normally catch me and “think wow he’s so cute I will video this moment”. I just embrace the moment considering one day it will be a NO NO probably sooner than later. I like to climb on the coffee table and stand on it and make loads of noise like Tarzan or something. I climb in the big comfy chair and that is my TV place mommy brings me breakfast there. I’m getting too big for the high chair I would rather sit at the table or living area now to eat. I still love my fresh milk it is like Daddy’s coffee I want at least three a day and well it is a must have to start my day or I am milkgry!!

My Aunt Melissa , Uncle Ashley and my cousin Ti came to see me this month it was great fun playing in the Pool.

I have a speech person that I’ve been seeing so I have learned a few new signs she is teaching me to make decisions instead of mommy and daddy guessing what I want. Sad I will only see her one more time before she goes back to work at the school I’ve had today will be 4 visits . I am learning to sign more. I do ; all done, milk, bubbles, more more more more , (on sometimes) .

Mommy and daddy took me to a really neat theme and water park Called Morgan’s Wonderland and Inspiration Island it was neat ! Lots of shade so I didn’t get over hot and it was a lot of fun. I rode the train, a Jeep and I got to drive , a carousel I rode the horse, a boat, and then I played in loads of water at inspiration island . We had chicken parmesan fries they were amazing I ate more than mommy and Daddy! I had so much fun watching all the kids go down the water slide but I didn’t want to do it. Think I made mommy and daddy watch with me for over half hour it was great and the big bucket fell right by it so I was getting wet! I love my toy cars I have a fast car Daddy always says that’s his . I have an old truck and a marine truck that is my sissy Joys trucks , and then my favorite BATMAN . I always grab the Batman car when Daddy says where is Batman. I love opening and closing all the doors too! Cars are fun and they make a mess so that makes them the best !!!

Still love all my veggies ! Squash, broccoli , and cauliflower are my favorites and I normally chose them over ice cream and cookies I know I am the veggie monster not the Cookie Monster but I will put away those Jaffa Cakes!!!! Unless my daddy eats them when I’m not looking!!! Bad Daddy! You aren’t supposed to eat those. (Yes I see you sneaking my Jaffa cake). I might not talk but I am smart!!!! Favorite movie is Trolls , C is for cookie and well I bought a movie on my own Arthur and Pals not sure if I like it but I know I can buy things now. Grandma thought it was hallarious! Daddy too!!! Mommy said it was $9.99 whatever that means! I play games and can find all sorts of neat things on my tablet. I love balloon pop, and puzzles but they are a little hard for me so mommy and daddy put the puzzle and I pop the balloons and bubbles. Mommy bought me a bubble machine so she doesn’t have to blow the bubbles love to watch them so much it is amazing!!! I do patty cake and roll it up.

Mommy went to Port A to help my Aunt Anne and we got to play at the beach! It was loads of fun! We stayed a few nights with Melinda, she had a cool hot tub I got to go up and down the stairs and play with the bubbles in the water I thought it was so funny! Shae went with us she is the best. My big sister Kaytlynn also went . There were these neat birds (seagulls)that loved me at the ocean they played with me and I laughed ! Although they ate all my Cheetos and didn’t share that wasn’t very nice but I didn’t care they wanted to play with me and it was so much fun!!!

I love brushing my teeth and I like to rinse my toothbrush. Mommy gave me mine the other night and she didn’t leave water on for me so I decided to flush the potty and wash wash wash goes my toothbrush... needless to say she threw it away and I don’t understand why! But I got a new Spider-Man tooth brush so guess all is good.

I still won’t use my potty mommy bought me one that looks just like theirs and I would rather just flush their toilet when they are on it and also flush mine and I laugh bc it’s funny to keep flushing.

All and all I had a great month I learn things all the time. I can use my tablet find new games and movies and I can stop , change and watch just about anything I want now. Still don’t care to say words but I still make sounds and babble. I still love the fire station, the trucks, ambulance and all the awesome guys that are so nice to me! (I like to turn on the lights ! 🤫 )

Happy August!!!!! Love Liam!

Aug30 update will be on Run With Liam.