20 months

I am 20 months old I love to play ball!! I am learning to swim! Walking backwards is funny to me and then I turn in circles until I'm dizzy! I love my daddy reading the dirty dinosaur book to me! Making a mess is way more fun than playing with my toys the goal is to pull them all out so mommy picks them all up for me to giggle and go pull them out again. I love butternut squash, strawberries, oranges, Mac n cheese, grill cheese, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, mommy cheese cake, cupcakes, suckers. Oh and my daddy gave me a marker yummy!!!! I tried to eat it Had blue everywhere he learned they aren't really easily washable😂 I write my sissy every week and put my footprint in paper so she can see how big I am getting. (She left to go to learn to be a Marine 😪 proud but miss her) I'm in a size 7 shoe now and wearing 2T but 3T shirts are more comfortable. I love the swing at the park and the trampoline at home. Plus the water hose is soooo much fun! But if I had a choice would rather be in the pool. Daddy bought me a boat it's sooo big I like to jump out into the water. I am potty training or should I say I sit on the potty and watch movies like daddy and eventually go potty that's the fun part my Elmo potty flushes and makes giggle sounds it's funny. Mommy plays the little piggie game with my toes and I think that's funny too. I'm sooo ticklish! I got the chickenpox this month it wasn't bad! I had to stay home couldn't go to the store or park for a few days but it wasn't terrible! Glad I was young enough and I am over them. Oh and yes I had the shot! I love playing with Casper and giving him treats I even shared my sippy cup but he ate it silly puppy!! I throw my ball over to him he just stares at me and won't give it back tho! (Too big for puppy mouth). I got a new car this month I like to sit in it like the drive in theatre and watch my movies . All and all I am growing, learning and a very happy boy! Just hate when my mommy or daddy say bye bye it makes me sad if they go out the back door. Before my sissy left we ran a 5k she took me on her back! That was crazy I was happy until the end but mommy let me play on the beach and see he sea turtles after so it was all good!! I'm growing very fast and I'm a very happy boy unless I'm hungry or tired :-)