2022 Day 5 End of Week 1

Napa Day 5


On the big peanut again and I am mastering this way tooo fast… I LOVE IT… Time for the 8”Step and Tapping the weird porcupine .. I noticed my mum was not recording and stopped until she was come on you are slacking.. They have it where I have to cross step … They set up the exercises for me to go side way with bean bags that is easier on one side than the other.. but I made it not great faces as you can tell b/c mummy records it all but I am trying promise. I know it is Friday. Hop scotch I am really loving Hop scotch it is a blast and I love doing it with Lauren and Savanna!! I hop but still need to hold their hands to do it.
Today is FUN Friday and they let me SWING yay!!! Love Friday for so many reasons!!

EVERYONE here wore purple or my shirt or one of my Kleefstra Brother /sister Shirts to show support for all of us.. We got an awesome picture !!!

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT Wendy Substituting for Erin

Wendy is CRAZY she lets me put the ring over her after I finish!! I got to do my puppy shoot on my rest break got Miss Wendy and Daddy it was funny… We are now standing in one of the rings and I have to bear crawl out and flat until I get to a bean bag and throw it in the bucket and go backward back into ring again.. Take two they said.. I love this b/c if I go quickly I get to do the puppy and shoot everyone with balls and that is soooooo funny!! Time to set up the puppy to watch me plunge across the floor .. They have Christmas cookies for me to feed my puppy!! I did the Santa one first Santa is the BEST !!! Back Got a wreath cookie and plunged away back to my puppy!!

Had to push the heavy Sleigh again!! Ugh… its heavy I want in that room so I can work hard and swing… Time to climb the ladder lets work quick quick don’t want to run out of time I want to swing swing swing!! Fun Friday means I swing twice!!! Yes!! Come on work it work it faster faster want to swing! I tried to make daddy do it but he refused… I did make Wendy and Annika do it… and then I did but I don’t want to do it b/c I don’t want to push the sleigh.. But they make it…. I want to go down it the other way but they won’t let me .. Pushing that thing makes me tired. I know I am strong but I don’t like bending and pushing its super heavy and I want to swing!! Hoping that was my last one .. Swing time yay!! It was funny playing with Miss Wendy haven’t seen her in a year!
Time for break then Final hour .

DMI Kaitlyn

Today I decided I would stand, dance look at myself in the mirror show my tongue and kiss myself after exercise again. I did work and I did good but some of the exercises are getting harder and harder for me to do.
I wish they were easier but I guess they want to see how good I get by end of sessions. I am trying to work harder and I did work harder for Kaitlyn than the others since it was fun Friday figured I would give her somewhat of a day off. Mummy said no more ding dongs before DMI because I am tooooo silly but everyone likes silly Liam mummy!!! Elsie the little girl next to us is sooo serious but I can make her laugh she likes me and I like her and am glad she is my DMI mate! We did a lot of balance and a lot of Kaitlyn trying to see if she could make me fall… Maybe it comes with the name my sister Kaytlynn likes to tease me to well somewhat…

This has been a long week of me being me … Mummy is tired and she didn’t even have to do anything but type, take pictures and follow me and take me there…. (She did work last night late tho). If she isn’t taking pictures I say CHEESE!!!!! And when she gets the camera up I stop.. just want her to pay attention!! She needs to get it all!!

Till next week…. Love,