2022 Napa Day 3



Neurosuit time… love it I was excited to put it on. We started with tapping and I am getting super fast would even stop and say Cheese for mummy to take picture too bad for her she was never ready when I wanted to smile!!! Did the bean bag bend and throw it was very hard but I am getting it all and still have a good Attitude.
Next we sat me on my knees and I had to stand with one and kick with the other. That is VERY hard!! BUT I will master it. Its not my favorite mainly b/c it is hard . Cage time they put weights on my feet and I have to lift and kick its not easy with 3lbs behind me. My legs are strong but this is a work out. I talked them into letting me do the shaky plate but then they made me do taps.. not fair .. but I did it and did it good. They use 14-16 for balance mummy knows to go down so it will help me balance better for flamingo and taps… she is learning a little too. :) Next hop scotch.. I really like that one..

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT

Ring time to learn to dress myself.. although its a ring I want to let mummy dress me so I can kick, roll, run and give her a hard time. If I have to dress myself I don’t get to tease her and laugh and make her fight to dress the wiggle worm .. bend pick up over my head arm thru and back over my head and next…. I got to finally play with those things in the bathroom mummy never lets me touch. I got to pull myself on the floor and take ice cream to the puppy . It was a lot of fun… Next we climbed up a ladder and got to throw ourselves onto a big bag love to crash its great fun! I am making sure she is getting all of this!! I worked really hard they said. I didn’t do a lot of crashing but enjoyed climbing… I kept looking and saying mum cheese!!! To make sure she was getting all of this to prove I am working!!!

DMI… Kaitlyn

Did alternating or she wanted me to alternate I did somewhat but going down so much easier to just step step with same foot.
Next we did sideways going across balance boards.. its tricky but she made me do it over and over I did it but I was trying hard to cheat! She said it would help my hips. What’s wrong with my hips… hmmmmm Next I was given a box to step into and step over two boards into another box and I jumped out not sure if that was part of it or not! But I did it anyway ! We had some pipe and she put two boards on and had me going back and forth to keep my balance I did it but woah!! That was a wild ride… I am doing a lot of things out of my comfort zone but I know Miss Kaitlyn has me. They are trying to help me feel more comfortable but sometimes it is just hard.

Today went well… 3 down and 12 to go.. :) They said I was the class clown at school so I guess I will be the gym clown at Napa !!

Love Liam