2022 Napa Day 4

Napa Day 4

LAUREN/SAVANNA NeuroSuit Today we started with a VERY big Peanut and I had to do the down down up up on the yellow step things. It was a lot harder working it that way I kept saying no…! I finished the exercise with little excitement but did do it. Then they got a box for me to stand on and a ramp for me to tap colors … I said all done but I don’t know why b/c they said nope here we go we have this.. its always 4 more times, 2 more times 1 more times… Is it hop scotch time!! I got to balance and throw bean bags to the basketball goal I liked that . I was definitely being a little harder to work with today but I pulled it off.
Hop scotch is for sure my favorite and I am getting good at it.

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT

Time for me to practice dressing with the imaginary shirt that is a circle ring. Note to all I will not put my shirt on the ring is fun …Dressing/undressing unless a bath is waiting not interested Mummy can do it.. so much quicker and easier. Time for inch worm have to use my hands to grab a bean bag and throw it into a seat. Time for reward I get to launch something b/c I did good even though I was slacking a lot today! Plunger time I plunged and fed my little friend pancakes today I do like the plunger. Had to do the sleigh again and to be honest I don’t like that one at all!!! But I pushed to the sensory room and was able to do my climbing over the top and again . But they made me do the sleigh in between.. I don’t want to do the sleigh. But at the end was all worth it b/c I finally got to swing…

DMI Kaitlyn

Kelsy came back and said time for the comedy club im telling you I am going to make big money being a comedian .. I am hilarious.. I did step up and then she made me alternate down.. and she put a vest on me so I guess that means I have to work .. ok I will but still kissing myself at the end of the exercise b/c I am just that amazing…

Now we are balancing on skinny boards it is easy … I got this one. Give me something easy makes it look like I am working and I get to chill a little I had to work hard this am but I honestly slacked off a little … its been a tough week… she put me up on the boxes and I had to kick round boards off I did pretty good forward now she wants me to do backward.. hmm I said nope she said yup…. Here we try… I did it but definitely harder than forward. Guess I shouldn’t expect it to be easy but I wanted to like get to play and not have to work so much … she is into doing things backward today Kaitlyn is backward for sure today!!! Hmmm she said she is helping to strengthen my legs in front. I got it toward the end but I wanted that dog! Now slide up and down and hold myself up without falling… this exercise isn’t easy I know she has me but it is scary… I did it made it thru but I honestly didn’t want to finish that one… the sweet little girl next to us she was doing it and not complaining so needed to finish …

She did a step down tap with heal exercise that was easy but I am done today. I think I need a rest . I did extra’s to try and get out of the exercise instead they get excited and want more from me hmmm not sure how to work this.

Until tomorrow even tho its a day early Napa is closed on Saturday so they are having a Purple DAY!!! In honor of Me and my Kleefstra Brothers and sisters.. <3 our Napa Family