2022 Napa Week 2 Day 7

Day 7 Week 2


They said me using my peanut and tapping the yellow steps was too easy and started with something different … hmmm I like that one.. Master one and lose it … should I fake it haha Lauren hit me in the head I thought it was too funny so I decided not to catch the ball and just laugh.. Making it where I say HIGH and want it to go up but I like it to hit me ... That was a lot of fun. Got my 8” step and a thick mat and some paper to slide and then raise my foot up and get my bean bag to throw at the pins and try to knock them down.. I keep throwing it in the floor instead of hitting the pins. I did throw better this time but threw it over instead. I was just throwing them all together .. I got a few and everyone got so excited they put my bu-cee under the bench so not hitting him I definitely aiming better now. Next we have the spider cage they upped my weight so it was a lot harder but I mastered it. I did my hop scotch and was able with holding only one hand so I feel I am going to master that one this week!! Go Liam right… I. Am GREAT !!

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT Rings to learn my clothing… yuck but I was silly and made it fun bc I am fun. Did my inch worms and didn’t want to put the rings on cactus but started putting it on Bucee and decided I would take a break in middle of my inch worm and tickle bu-cee… Went to the board time for the plunge and rope time .. took bu-cee and was working way to him and feeding him the Popsicle plunge to him and top to get another .. I got that one done!! Now to the sensory room kind of annoying b/c I want to swing but I have to work.. so I will work b/c I want to swing …. Up the ladder I go and almost by myself a little support but I got this… I am getting a lot better .. I made Annika do the ladder and I snuck over to the steps b/c easier and she already did it for me… Bu-cee is in the swing and I am having to work.. not sure about that I want to swing….

DMI Kaitlyn

Balance board that moves… Bu-cee did it too.. he really has been working hard like me. I am proud my Bu-cee is working in Napa Therapy Kaitlyn is trying to make me make my foes stay flat the exercise she is doing I use my toes to lift the box and bring it over to the other side . Makes me have to lift my toes the other directions …. Not sure I like that … I am putting boxes up and giving her the ones I want. She then said she had a lot she wanted to do with me but I have a lot I can do if you let me set up.. Buc-ee is watching closely.. I did 4 inch jump super easy she increased to 8” and I did it …. Yay!! It was hard at first and then I realized it wasn’t all that bad. Then we used the 6”boxes and I went back and forth between the cubes and the boxes … I made it look easy so she made it harder hmmm. She did a really higher hurdle with moving boxes and I had to step over. It was hard but not …

Off to enjoy my evening and see what I can get into … more tomorrow on the giggles and cheekiness of Liam

Love Liam