2022 Napa Week 2 Day 8

Napa Week 2 Day 8


Had the big tumble form this am to start (I was little off since I slept in). I have to sit on my knees and stand up and push over… I did the leg slide on the paper and thru the bean bag at the aliens as they call the bowling pins. Next cage time… lifting my foot with weights tied to me… I did a hop with Bu-cee and then hop scotch with Lauren and Savanna. I am getting good and closer to my goal to do it alone.

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT

Ring time.. I like to show them how to drive with the rings and make the driving roaring sounds … Today they let me shoot puppy of course and I shot mummy twice but today we tried something new I put a shirt on and took it off. The ring exercise teaching me unfortunately to dress myself so I don’t need mummy so much but sorry mummy that is not happening I need you and want you to continue to help its no fun if I can’t tease you to get dressed..

I am doing inch worms now… I have to squat and go get a ring and come back. The last ring was cool didn’t want to let Erin have it back… I shot mummy twice with the ball and her. The third one her computer shielded her!!

Had to pull my weights backward and then sideways it was super hard going sideways pulling is way easier .. I was feeding puppy and bu-cee cake… now obstacle time.. hoping I can finish and swing some more .. DMI


Had my steps up and down did really well on that then she did another one I had to balance on and she pulled the box so. I fell (it wasn't but 1/2 inch and I didn't techically fall but it was a fall, landed on my feet) and I was done told her nope all done.. nope Kaitlyn no no no no Kaitlyn I am done you pulled a my sister Kaitlyn and I am done. I stood my ground and she changed it was not doing that one again!! Not happening!!! She did another exercise that pulled me back and off the board it wasn’t near as scary! Thank goodness…

She took two boxes and put on each other and had me balance on two boards and I had to balance . I like taking it apart and putting up when I feel I am done with the exercise.
She did a few more tricky ones and I was a lot more hesitant to do them. Although Bu-cee did a GREAT job and worked very hard today and gave me a little break on DMI since I was a little scared of what to expect… Kaitlyn definitely has me not scared about that but it scared me when it moved…

Wednesday done.. Mummy and I are both tired (I wouldn’t tell her I was tired) but I slept till 10 today when she woke me for breakfast.

Till Thursday hard to believe two weeks are almost done…

Love Liam Thanks for following me…