2022 Napa Week 2 Day 9

Napa Week 2 Day 9


Starting with kneel, up , push bolster … I was doing all kinds of things and pushing anywhere but where they told me . I decided to do the exercise in the Liam way and not the Napa way!! They are so confusing I wanted it to stand before I would kick it now you want me to push it .. ok you said so so there!!!!! Now time to stand on the board and slide grab bean bag and make a basket .. Bu-cee is holding the basket and I am being cheeky! Made the first one now I will just play and do what I want… now I am just throwing where I want on the left slide and throw..

Cage doing my balance and kick It not super easy but I got it. Hop Scotch is my favorite I am doing better each day and hoping is getting easier with bu-cee by myside..

NeuroSuit… Erin OT & Annika PT

Worked on putting a shirt on and off again .. mummy should have stayed in break area so she didn’t know I could do that now .. I would prefer her to put my shirt on but now she knows I am learning to do it.
Time for plunging yeah!! Love this sooo much!!! Plunging across and then pulling myself back by rope I am getting this and getting this quick. I even make the sounds to show them I’ve got this!! Lets rock it… or plunge it should I say! I am using my scooper to put ice cream in a cone (not real ice cream) and then feeding puppy and bu-cee.. roping across… at this rate I can zip line alone next time at Off The GRID…. They will be so impressed when I go visit again! I did the sleigh again and this time they had me pulling sideways going from yellow tape it was hard but I am getting so strong I did it!!! Bu-cee helped me … I am climbing up a ladder and then jumping into a big bag and then walking on squishy half balls and steps … working hard to swing..

DMI Kaitlyn

Got a wobble start always something Kaitlyn is always inventing something ….. Then a stair set up I did good on that and then the rolling pipe was awesome!!! I had to jump over as they were moving I did GREAT if I say so myself I did two jumps after I mastered the one jump everyone was cheering b/c I did so good!!! I had to put my foot on a block on the big board trick was it was on balls. I did good today … A little silly but got work done as always.. love making Kaitlyn Snort !!

Till tomorrow end of week 2.. Flying by

Love Liam