22 months

I am 22 months old this has been a crazy month! I jabber more than I used to but still could careless about talking! I sign milk and trying to sign help. But most time I can do it all by myself. I learned to climb in the tub although it was a big surprise when I fell in with my clothes wasn't quite the landing I was hoping for . Mommy had uncle Travis Swan Long lower my bed 😂 . Still love all my foods not a picky eater. I like to touch everything it just fun and Daddy is always chasing me 😂. I still love my messes it is fun to pull things out. Sometimes I think my name is "NO" instead of Liam! Get all 4 names called out more now and I laugh its funny to see them call them all. Mommy is trying to get me to help when it is clean up time. I do a little but to be honest that isn't as much fun. Daddy , mommy and me went on a road trip to pick up my big sister Joy Plunk from Parris Island 🌴 South Carolina I visited Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina and Louisiana ! Was crazy but we got to see lots of cool things. We went to Talladaga and I got to sit in a race car and see the big track ! 5 story inclines wow!!! We went to an aquarium in Atlanta and I saw sharks , dolphins , sea otters, and loads of fish and sting rays they were really neat! We went to a plantation in Charleston and I saw alligators and a deer decided to kiss me! So me being the sweet boy I am kissed her back! 😮🙃. We went to a neat Navy ship and saw the flight deck and got to do a simulated space pod . It was super neat! (But small) I was able to sit in a real plane too like they use in the military! Then we went to South Carolina and spent 3 days on the Marine Base we went thru a neat museum about Sissy!!! Was pretty cool!! I was good I had my cammies on like my big sister was really funny when people would salute me! Watching my big sister graduate was amazing although I was kind of hot but I didn't complain was happy to see her!! On our way home we had to go around the long way again bc of a big hurricane Harvey and it had our roads shut down but we went through and sissy got to surprise her great grandma, grandpa and grandma and cousins and aunts and uncles . Was a nice break for me to run around and great for her to see as many people as possible in her 10 day leave. We finally made it home after finding gas finally and It was super nice to be back home and in my bed!

My journey this month was busy, fast and exciting and I'm so glad my sissy is home for a few days.