23 months

Well I am 23 months 1 month shy of being the big “2”! I am a very silly loving boy! I love to give hugs! Love to play in the mud and outside. Making a mess is still fun but more than anything I still love more than anything to read and watch my fireman sam! I am 3 feet tall and weigh 31 lbs . I still don’t care to talk. But love making sounds , laughing and making the same little screeches mommy taught me. It’s fun to watch Daddy say that’s loud. I’m learning to potty train but really diapers are fine so much easier!! 😂😂😂. I still love all my veggies, mommy really hasn’t found much I don’t like. Mommy takes me to ride the train that is so much fun . We went to the pumpkin patch and mommy and I picked flowers it was exciting, except my flowers kept flying off and then I would get another it was funny! I was picking on mommy it was hot so I wouldn’t walk in the sun made her carry me and go get my stroller :-). I was being silly! We went for Daddy birthday and took him a few pies and fudge for the guys . I got to help them all wash the big Engine it was a lot of fun then Mark took me for a ride in the Engine!!! I love the fire trucks!! Daddy always turns the lights on for me when he leaves to go back to the Station by our house! I still love getting my hair cut. I sit in the plane and watch a movie as they trim me up to look like a little boy, (they all say) I went to Souh Carolina to get my big sister and got to watch her graduate into a US Marine I am so proud of my big sister and I miss her since she went back to Combat training , but I know she is learning how to be my Hero! We are going to be back traveling again in a few weeks and I am so excited. I have officially been to 8 states and two countries and I am only 23 months old . Guess you can say I love to travel. I got to meet a lot of people coming home from South Carolina it’s always nice to have more people to love. You can never have enough family /friends! I am growing up fast and enjoying each day! Life is all about giggles ! Can’t wait to share my birthday month with all of you!!! 😘