3 years

I am 3.... my last month being two was eventful to say the least!! I had a play date with my new friend Catherine !!! I was grumpy that day but loved to have a friend. We went to the pumpkin patch (Sweet-Berry Farm). It was neat . We walked around had snacks, picked flowers , and rode the train. I did the bouncing thing toward the end but wasn’t too sure about it. My grandma got me a new trampoline for my birthday at first I wasn’t too sure about the big screen around it but when Catherine came I had a blast in it having someone inside with me made a difference .

This was a different kind of month our whole town is covered in water and we haven’t seen the sun in days. Mummy packed a lot of stuff in her car in case we had to leave a lot of our neighbors have been evacuated . I’ve been able to wear my rubber boots though so I can play in all the super mud puddles . Although my yard I play in is like a little swimming pool mommy won’t let me out in it. So stuck inside BORING!!! I’ve managed to be a terrible two some this month guess it’s from being stuck inside. I had my hair cut twice and I love it . Jamie uses those neat clippers and I love the way it tickles my head wish I could go get my hair cut more. We went to a neat Fall October Fest in Lago and I got to play with the rabbits and goats that was fun I even ate a whole cheese burger. But the highlight of course was playing in all the fire trucks I could do that allllll day!!!

I’m growing and getting my own uniques personality!!! So mummy says!!! I can finally go all the way down the back steps without mummy or daddy and chase Casper all by myself. I can walk up them too. I walked up the stairs on the back last night almost fell backward but I made it and was super proud I wanted to see the puppy and mummy was too slow so up I went without her . I’ve learned how to get past the gate to keep me out . I can’t climb it but I learned how to open it because I’m smart like that. And I’ve learned when they put the table to keep it from moving just move the table! Come on y’all... what do you think I can’t see how you block things??? I still change the language on the tablet and TV when they leave the remote where I can get it bc it is super funny to watch them try to get it back to English. Love being a cheeky two year old!!! Wonder what 3 will be like. I love to climb on my toy chest and look at the pictures on the desk and love to try to get to the tv. Climbing on the coffee table and kitchen table is great fun plus I can get all the M&M I want!!! They are still my favorite next to chocolate buttons of course....

We went to the firehouse in Granite shoals and Tim has a neat drone (mommy wants one). Daddy says they are expensive but they are soooo fun. I chased it and it chased me and then I went and played in the water puddle daddy made when he was washing the big engine. He made the super super Dirty truck shine pretty red again. Love all the lights. Vaughn a really nice paramedic turned on the lights on the ambulance and played with me too. Guess I’m just a firehouse kid. Love it so much. We played outside all day it was so nice to see the sun and be able to run and play . I wouldn’t say it’s better than the tablet but it’s pretty close 😂🤣. Mommy won’t let me play with the tablet unless we are on the road or at her office or a restaurant. So I take the time I can get with it. Daddy lets me play when mommy not home shhhhh ..... don’t tell mommy!! Just two boys and their games I’m just like my daddy... even at Best Buy, Our favorite store.

My birthday I was grumpy at the fire station I didn’t get a good nap and I was just plan tired.... I am growing and need sleep but will fight taking a nap because there is way too many things to do and play with. I went to the school and met my new teachers I will start going there they said next week. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I will have kids in a classroom and they said we get to play outside every day....yay..... they kept saying they were going to teach me but we would play for me to learn. I wandered around the room making them all see how sweet I am... guess this is my last post with me being 2 I am not 3 .......... and I let everyone know I am a big boy. Will post birthday party pictures with my awesome family on my next post since technically I’m 3 already when we go. 🙂.

Until next month..... Love Liam