3 years and 1 month

I am 3 years 1 month. This month was full of first!!! Daddy & Mummy were so proud of me. We had my birthday party in Arkansas and all of my family came it was great!!! I had all my Great Aunts, Aunts and cousins at my Aunt Teen Teens. We missed a few people but it was so much fun. They got me a really neat airplane cake and I got to play with the airplane on top although I tried to pull off the cake and they kept saying no and then they gave to me sooo confusing yes or no !!! I have never really opened presents it seemed to overwhelm me but I figured what the heck there are TOYS in those bags so I figured I would give it a shot I mean I am 3 right!!! Time to take risk and try new things so I don’t miss out on life! I mean I am growing up fast! We had cheesy chicken spaghetti and I played with their cat and dog it was so much fun. Mommy said the animals were glad for me to leave bc they needed to rest.

I started school I am not sure just yet it’s weird daddy and mommy have never left me with people I don’t know so I wasn’t too sure about it. But I love having little people my size to play with. I got to color and play with puzzles, we go to centers and go to a pre-k class and play with more kids . Then the best part we go outside and play on the playground . Sooo much fun. I love watching all the kids go down the slide it looks like so much fun. After the first 4 days I got sick. That wasn’t fun but I finally was well by Friday the week after and was able to go back to school. At least we had a week off for me to get well. Back to school and I decided I was going to try something new and I went down the slide... you know what? It is FUN!!!! I see why all those kids go again and again. So I started going again and again. My teachers were sooo excited they clapped and cheered for me. Everyday when mommy or daddy pick me up i run hug them and then I try really hard to get on the bus that’s what most of my friends do but they say come on Liam let’s go bye bye.

I have started jumping without being on the trampoline mommy went crazy cheering bc I was jumping on the ground. I sign more all the time and have learned milk and will blow you kisses! I still love to spin around and make lots of noise! My tablet is still my favorite thing but I don’t get to play with it as much since I am in school and not going with mommy to work anymore. I have started helping pick up toys now although they still have to help me or I just laugh at them. Making messes is my thing . Mommy cleans I make a mess it’s my job right be loud and messy!!!

They change me and ask me if I want my diaper I think that is sooo funny of course I don’t want my dirty diaper you throw it away you’re parents 🙄. They are crazy!!!!

My favorite book is now the Wonky Donkey and I love to watch the video and song of it. I just dance when it plays. The duck song is my other favorite to watch on YouTube. It’s funny!!!!!!

I still can’t get enough of the fire station and I got to see my best friend Catherine again we went to her house and we played with her dogs and outside and we played with her little brothers toys lol .

Her mummy made us a yummy dinner and wonderful shortbread cookies . My mummy is trying to make them. She is learning but Anna’s are still better (shhh don’t tell mummy don’t want to hurt her feelings). But my mummy makes great candy and pies!!!!

I still love bath time and brushing my teeth with my new electric toothbrush!!!!!

Watching mummy brush hers makes me laugh. I am a super silly boy I still laugh a lot I do have a few little upsets here and there but all and all laughing and being silly is just me!!!

Such a fun busy month and I am so glad I am making friends and Learning to play better it is way more fun when you know how to play and know how to do things they are doing.

Mummy still has some of my shirts if anyone wants one. They turned out super cute!!! She hopes next year we can do a better walk. At least we had fun watching Tim fly the drone. That thing is cool...

See you next year!!!! Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas... and Happy New year everyone!!!

Love Liam