3 years and 2 months

I am 3 years and 2 months. Wow December was crazy busy . Christmas parties... to me it is just time for me to eat loads of cookies even though I love food, cookies are great! I have been in school now since November of course I had thanksgiving break to recover from all the germs and now Christmas break so haven’t really had a long time in school but it is ok. When my mummy and daddy drop me off I know it’s routine to go with my teacher but I still get that weird pit feeling in my stomach and I watch them thru the window over my shoulder as I walk down the hall.

After school I’m soooo happy when I walk outside and they are waiting for me. I run to them and hug them. But then I still want to get on that big yellow bus !!! Dying to see the inside! I have a friend named Leann she is super sweet . I made some neat things for my parents for Christmas . I’m coloring and can stack blocks better now. I’ve even decided I would help pick up my toys a little more especially since I love it when they cheer for me.

Daddy worked a lot this month and I got sick had a double ear infection. So Christmas was pretty lazy. We did go to the beach for Christmas though. I love the seagulls and running up and down the beach. Mummy and daddy seem like they love to relax and they both didn’t sneeze constantly! Daddy and I slept till noon one day and poor mummy had to answer phone calls.

I got a new kitchen from my grandma and daddy and mummy got me a new ambulance and fire truck that shoots water. Also a new microwave that I love!!! I got a washing machine that really spins water soo neat. Daddy helped me open them it was fun to tear the paper I guess I am getting better at that but we don’t do it often enough to get the hang of all the present things. New toys exciting and fun although the Echo is my favorite . Mummy doesn’t like it she says it listens to her too much. I don’t talk so I have nothing to worry about I just enjoy watching things and looking at the stocks and weather and the best is turning off the lights and back on in the house!!!

I still love my books though! I like looking thru them and having them read to me. My favorite book and song is still the wonky donkey and the duck song. They make me laugh and I get excited it is what we watch every night before bed. Daddy says he has the duck song stuck in his brain, weird thing to get stuck in your brain but whatever that means.... I still love Fireman Sam . Guess I always will. And I can’t get enough exploring of the fire trucks 🚒 I want to look in every compartment and climb in!!! I love to pretend I’m driving and the lights are the best. I make daddy go back to work so I can watch the fire truck 🚒 drive off and the awesome lights . I miss him but seeing the lights is sooo awesome.

Ginny one of the police officers here in Granite brought me a toy for Christmas it is super cool lights up makes noise and then when she left she did lights and sirens (daddy doesn’t do that says it will disturb the neighbors). But she made my night and left the lights on all the way down the street for me to watch!!!

Mummy is having a hard time finding videos and pictures I don’t understand why I steal her phone and take quality Liam pictures all the time!

Happy New Year everyone and can’t wait to share 2019 with you!

Love Liam