3 years and 3 months

I am 3 years and 3 months ....

2019 well I had to start it with a bang!!! A friend in my class was going to give me a hug and I lost my balance fell and hit my eye on the table and well that day ended in the ER .Mummy cleaned my face and the blood off my hands but I hated them touching my eye. They put lidocaine on it and we waited a very long time it seemed forever I just really wanted to be home. Watched loads of videos on daddy phone . The nurses and doctor were super awesome and cared about me and making sure I was ok. Mummy was friends with one so I think we got a little special treatment bc she helped as well. I had a team of awesomeness in that room although it really hurt and I didn’t want anyone to touch it. They gave me some medicine that made me a few really fuzzy and kind of loopy. They were laughing bc I was in what they call Lala land . We finally got home and I just wanted to rest. What a crazy day!!!

I am really loving coloring pictures grandma bought me a set of special markers that I make lots of circle with. Daddy took the rails off my crib and made me a toddler bed... now that is super super cool!!! I can now get up and run to their bed anytime I want. I love cuddling. I normally get up around 6 or 7 and run for morning cuddles . Although mummy told daddy it’s hard to get me to bed bc I won’t stay there hahaha the fun begins mummy and daddy. I’m FREE!!! I like to lay in their bed so I can watch wonky donkey ,marshmallow and the duck song!!! I go to sleep pretty quick when I can cuddle but always seem to wake up in my bed unless daddy is at work then mummy gets lazy and I get to stay in bed with her. Mummy cuddles!! Life is good! Although sometimes I kick and she does get up and carry me to my room . What can I say I love to spread out and take over. My bed is so small it isn’t as easy there.

I still love my microwave and kitchen and I make coffee for daddy in my coffee maker.

My eye is almost healed and I have pulled all my stitches and the scab off. I am loving school a little more . I’m not scared of climbing up the stairs to the bigger slides anymore and will go slide over and over I just think the slide is the best. Daddy and mummy have been cleaning house getting ready for my big sissy to come home. I can’t wait to see her!! She’s amazing she’s a Marine. I don’t see her often but I get to look at her picture and enjoy carrying it around . I’m sure I’m a lot bigger to her since she saw me. When she left I had just started really walking and running. Now I’m fast like sooo fast she won’t be able to catch me!! Can’t wait!!! Mummy can’t either so funny daddy won’t tell her when she will be here mummy is going crazy .

Sissy and walker came finally!!! I haven’t been feeling well, I woke up at 4 am the day after they arrived and my ear was hurting way more than normal so I was really upset mummy took me to the doctor and I had a double ear infection she got me some medicine and I was feeling s little better after a few days .but Walker is sooo much fun I wasn’t going to just rest I had to enjoy the time I had with them. He throws me in the air and every time I say more he does it again. Love him. Sissy did good with him!!! I have a big brother now!!! So cool!!! We have been going everywhere getting ready for Walker and Sissy big day. They got neat outfits and I got a new shirt and sissy said I had to have a belt so I got a nice belt and it even had a belt buckle . Mummy said my granpop had cool buckles like that. Mummy took off work to spend time with them and she has been so busy it’s been like a whirlwind. I’m not used to being up so late but I was a trooper and hung in with the big boys. I ran, played, hung upside down, was thrown in the air and laughed and giggled this Has been the best week ever. Hate to see my sissy and Walker go back to Japan. I’m going to miss Walker .... well and of course my sissy too! (He plays with me more) wink!) More about the big day in my next Liam says... stayed tuned it was definitely worth hearing about!!!

Love Liam