3 years and 4 months

I am 3 years and 4 months my big sister got married!!!! I saw my other big sissy Kaytlynn and her new boyfriend Grizzly too. I now have a big brother and he is totally awesome he throws me in the air and plays with me all the time. He’s really great he makes me laugh plays hide and seek and chases me. My sister did good on this one. The wedding was outside at a really neat ranch it was awesome!!! I loved playing outside running around and playing by the creek side. Being outside is one of my favorite things . During my family visit I got an ear infection again mummy had to take me to the specialty clinic so I could get better before her big day . I am a trooper I don’t complain a lot but that HURT!!!! The wedding was nice still can’t believe she is married and I have a brother glad I’m not the only boy! You should have seen my daddy in his cowboy hat he looked amazing! Mummy got him some new pants and said she loved them and he actually had a butt whatever that means doesn’t everyone have a butt .... haha that was so funny . Daddy must have liked it because he loves those jeans and wears them all the time now. 🤪 The wedding dinner was nice I was able to see my uncle Traye, Aunt Mary and cousin Bree ! Bree is awesome she just loves on me and plays with me too. There were a lot of people here I went to my room and read books because they were all so loud but every now and then I would go run and let each person throw me until they were all tired. Old people get tired fast . Not me.... I go and go and go and it’s so much fun.

I love my teacher Mrs.King she is sooo nice and I love it when she is waiting on me when I arrive . She’s my buddy.

Today sissy and Walker are headed to Ohio what they don’t know is I will be waiting for her at the airport when she arrives! I’m going to surprise her!!!! She was three gates down from us and we snuck in thru the lonnnnnnggggg security point to not have to pass her going thru the fast one. The things we do for her but she’s worth it. Mummy knows airports so we made it . I think I should be a 3 year old airport expert by now. (I have now been to 3 countries and 16 states . I am very well traveled ! ) I love love planes . Next flight less than 30 min change but mummy is a pro she zipped over and we even got to go to the bathroom.. I sure love airplanes and love love to fly. Mummy had all of my tablets charged so besides looking out of the window and jabbering some oh and the flight attendant told mummy to turn down my tablet she kept turning it Down and I would turn it right back up goodness , who doesn’t like to hear fireman Sam it’s the best ever!!!! I thought it was funny . Mummy said Liam you have to turn it down we will get in trouble but I wasn’t getting in trouble so I just kept turning it up. Finally landed In Ohio and our new framily met us at the gate so exciting to see Heather and I got to meet my brother Walkers brothers... they all played with me we got to go and decorate Aunt Holly restaurant for the reception I played and played and that night we danced and everyone was helping me jump it , it was loads of fun. Love our new Ohio family so glad my sissy brought them into our lives . My mummy loves Heather they are so funny they even cried when they left each other. Mummy said it’s nice to have a friend to talk to, hang out with and they stayed up laughing and talking in the bedroom I said enough and went to sleep those two are tooo much. . They’re crazy!!! When we got home after a crazy long delay and almost missed flight connection but a nice gentleman and a super nice lady helped us get to our gate and the sweet lady named MICHELLE also helped mummy and I get a seat on a border flight with no window and middle seats for us. But we made it! No stress just go with the flow!!!! Miss my sissy and my favorite brother walker ..... and my sissy Kaytlynn... hate I can’t see them more. But they are grown up and I’m still a little person and have to live at home.

Mummy took me to the ENT doctor and the doctor was super surprised I was so sick and he couldn’t tell I still have a double ear infection. Daddy and mummy took me for a hearing test and the audiologists said I was having some hearing loss. My X-ray was blurry bc I wouldn’t sit still. Dr Skiles is going to do surgery on my ears next Friday. I never run fever that’s a Kleefstra thing I guess we are still learning all these Kleefstra things or should I say they are it’s just my life and the only life I’ve ever known. I am still happy all the time and Giggle giggle nothing I could do about my ears I just figured I didn’t want to be miserable so I would just deal with it and live on.... now at least they know why I keep turning everything up so loud! We had school class pictures I wasn’t having it . Mummy said she can’t wait to see my face in that one. I am a cheeky little monkey. We have our trips coming up with a specialist for me. Prayers for mummy she is pulling her gray hairs out and she earned those from my big sissy Kaytlynn (mostly love you Kaytlynn). they are her trophy’s showing she survived teenage girls . I still love to read sooo much , this is book fair week and mummy bought me new books. I miss all the company and my big brother walker throwing me . Mummy shoulder won’t let her throw me she hurts from the car accident she was in when she was pregnant with me and daddy well he plays with me but I think they are too old for all the throwing in the air 😉😬

My aunts came down also this month for discovery and my cousin Ti was here! I LOVE HIM!!!! I wouldn’t let go of him. He’s sooo awesome!!! Can’t wait to play with him again. Mummy said he needed a Liam break! 😬 don’t know why!!! I just love to hug!

Guess that’s my February!!!! Now onto March should be less eventful but hey who am I kidding it’s life with Liam it’s always eventful!!!!

Love Liam