3 years and 5 months

I am 3 years and 5 months . I have had an ear infection for a long time apparently my ears aren’t supposed to feel like this. I never complained just figured it was Normal. So mummy took me to have them rechecked and they were still infected so now we are going to the hospital for them to do something to make them better there was another doctor that said I was losing my hearing. Daddy thought it was selective hearing mummy was worried bc I wouldn’t go for my favorite movies and sounds . So here we go I’m getting fluid drained off my ear drums and they are going to put tubes in my ears and said they were going to take out my adenoids. I have no clue what any of that is but if it makes my ears better than ok!!!! Plus if it means I don’t have to take that chalky antibiotic anymore bring it on!!!! When we got to the hospital I got a really neat gown it has all kinds of fish on it and I love fish! Daddy and mummy were tickling me and teasing me when I was trying to watch my iPad they don’t understand I have to focus!! I’m learning here!!! They are silly ! They finally came to get me I was confused as they pushed me down the hall I kept looking back at daddy and mummy and they waived said see you in a few love you.... ..... That was the worst experience of my LIFE I’m telling you I woke up feeling like the world was spinning and I couldn’t see straight. I just kept crying bc it was soooo scary! My ears felt weird everything was loud and my world was blurry. I cuddled with mummy then daddy!!! Finally they allowed me to leave I was sooo ready. The ride home I was quiet I am still confused of what happened and where I was. But I am hearing everything is loud. Daddy came home with lunch and I heard the door open. Doctor said I have been basically underwater for months I had so much mucas and fluid in my head. I love the water so I guess it didn’t seem weird to feel heavy headed.

I’ve been a silly , crazy boy lately. The bluebonnets are our mummy loves them. I like them but don’t like pictures all the time in them ..... we went to our little trail and daddy taught me to throw rocks with both hands . I couldn’t skip them but watching them splash was funny..

Now that my ears are well and I am not sick I am a back to being a busy and super funny. I love to run as fast as I can and giggle and then run in my room dance to blippi and make a big mess. I can now get on the big trampoline all by myself. I always get my balls and throw them on the trampoline and run to grab them if they don’t roll off I climb up and push them down the slide. Throwing all the balls and toys off the porch is so funny. I am still a little off balance and fell down the stairs the other day so now I decided I would sit and kind of go down on my bottom bc it is way safer!!! I am signing a little more but not consistent like they think I should be. I am trying to potty I love running to the bathroom and sitting on the potty but I don’t know how to pull my pants down so it’s a little complicated. Mummy helps me or daddy and I will sit there read or play on my tablet. That’s the only time mummy will let me use it at home. Daddy is always tired and I can talk him into it easier than mummy. He understands I need my technology! I’m just like him. When he plays on his computer at home I love to go and take his hand away or interrupt and he is like stop Liam I have to finish this and if I do it enough it’s like magic and I get my tablet . I think I’m getting it down on how to get things from daddy now to figure it out with mummy she is a little tougher . Except food she makes me all sorts of food. Chocolate chip pancakes, blueberry pancakes , chicken fries , broccoli, cauliflower oh and my oranges.... I have my own special drawer in the fridge and mummy has all my fruit there. They open the door I open my drawer get one out shut the drawer and the door and she will put in a little bowl for me. I could eat fruit all day! My awesome sitter/-adopted sister shae was watching me and well I made a mess of a well not so nice diaper. I made her gag and I laughed soooo hard. Although now seeing chocolate chips on my hands makes me disgusted and I’ve learned not to put my hands in my diaper ! It was GROSS with capitals !!! But I’m still laughing at her gagging . She is awesome she screams with me. Plays with me . Jumps on the trampoline and makes me laugh a lot. I love her and am glad she likes to keep me. I know I can be a little mess but she still loves me’! She makes me Mac n cheese a lot! We are a lot alike in the food eating!!! She lets me have cookies too!

Here we fly again off to the fabulous Nashville Tennessee. What that means I have no clue but my mum says it’s cool and my daddy is excited to go he’s never been and I’ve only seen the airport which was super neat. Guitars and music stuff everywhere and I love music of all kinds . But on another note I’m going to a doctor so this short trip can’t be all fun, wait who am I kidding I’m on this trip so it will be a blast!!! This doctor specialist is for kids that don’t talk well don’t know how they are going to make me talk but I’ll be positive and listen for daddy and mummy. I can show my spunk and be my cute self I have some charm going on all the girls always want to hug on me I know I’m irresistible but goodness. I get hurt with hugs remember I fell and had to get stitches bc of a girl hug .

Met my new doctor today she is really nice . She has a lot of cool toys. I loved her Winnie the Pooh toy and the jack n the box was great!!! She had this water game we did and this neat tower she built and dropped balls down it, I got so excited and played with it for a very long time. She had me matching and picking out pictures now come on guys I know I don’t talk but I know what a dog and a ball is. I can pick out what you tell me and I’m learning more everyday . She was super awesome Daddy and Mummy really likes her. She was so positive and believed in me and in the fact she thinks I and going to read (duh I already read all the time love books). And write( now that is tricky but I believe her). I like to color circles and other lines I know you might not think it’s pretty but I’m proud I can do that. We left the doctor office after I played for 3 hours I hope I get to go back to her first doctor I didn’t have to feel like I was at a doctor and got to be my charming red headed self!!! We went to this big mall and ate at a restaurant with walls that were big aquariums! There were fish everywhere it was super cool I was so excited and happy to see all the fish! I love water ! We then went to this place with lots of guitars and stuff loads of music it was called something kind of Grand old Opry. Mum said it was the biggest country music place and where country music was founded. We went to another place that was soooo big and had water falls and a water show I thought it was so cool I could have stayed there allllll day but they made me leave bc we had to catch our flight. Tennessee is really neat can’t wait to go back and explore more music its fun to dance and see new things . This month was full of new beginnings and next month will be too. Can’t wait !!! Thanks for reading and following me...Love you all who love us!

Love Liam