3 years and 6 months

I am 3 years and 6 months I am doing better at potty training I love to flush for sure. I am loving building with my blocks more i get as high as I can with out it falling down and then I smash it down and start over. I want to smash it though. If it falls it kind of makes me mad and off to building again so I can knock it down. Daddy and mummy are super excited bc I learned how to climb in the truck and onto my car seat! I’m sure I could have done it before now but why I have them. I finally participated in Easter Egg hunt this year . My Best friend Catherine came in from San Antonio to go with me. They had a train and a bouncy house. I loved watching others and thought I wanted to jump in the bounce house but changed my mind toooo many people in that closed in bounce house I felt safer watching from outside. Plus I can jump on my trampoline at home and not get squished! We got a lot I mean a lot of eggs . Or should I say Catherine got a lot of eggs I gave her my big basket she was having more fun chasing and getting them I was happy with a little handful. I don’t get all the fuss! It’s candy and mummy can buy that stuff at the store, but I will just enjoy the show. On the way home we stopped so Catherine could see a firetruck , I enjoyed showing her all the truck lights, seats and she enjoyed making the loud sirens go off! And they wonder why I don’t startle easy I mean I am always around FIRETRUCKS . Wouldn’t change one thing about my firekid life, I have the best fire family anyone could ask for !!! After we played there, we came back to our house and we took my new fire truck out for a spin. It was a lot of fun having my friend here. After dinner and homemade ice cream and rhubarb cobbler Catherine had to leave I was sad and so was she but mummy promised we would go see her again soon and we wouldn’t wait so long. Our traveling have caused me to not see my friend so much. I have now been to. 18 states and 3 countries .

I’ve flow on southwest, American, BA, Air Lingus, and unfortunately Delta mummy doesn’t like them bc they were mean to the marines on our flight . So we avoid them. She says that Delta stands for Don’t Ever Leave the airport. I like leaving the airport it means I am going to fly! We went to New York, Jersey and Pennsylvania this month but you already know that bc mummy had me do a Liam adventure to spoil all of you a little. Shae my sweet sitter got sick again on our trip and is having surgery Monday so I might not see her for a while I am super sad about that she makes me laugh and it’s nice to have her to play with . I got to talk to my big sissy Joy last night she was playing peekaboo with me it was funny she thinks I’m silly. I miss them. I don’t get thrown in the air and everyone says how much I’ve grown hope I don’t get so big they can’t throw me! That would be horrible. My big sister Kaytlynn is supposed to be coming to see me soon it’s always exciting to see my sisters .

Easter.... wow why have I not paid attention in the past! Chocolate chocolate and there isn’t a lot of No Liam no Liam. They just kept opening the bunnies and buttons and oh my blessings of cadbury and Hotel chocolate ! Love my UK chocolate but I really don’t eat a lot of sweets but it is nice to have it if I want it. Now the bunny was soooo cute I decided to just hold him didn’t want to eat him. But biting daddy is ok . He doesn’t think so but I have some big molars trying to finish coming in and it feels good to bite. They told me it hurts I won’t do it again promise! Well maybe. I am 3 . And mummy says with toddlers life each day is a mystery. Mysteries are good though they keep you wondering and watching. I love to make them and everyone laugh. I am still playing with my bunny he had breakfast with me today. Still don’t want to eat him. My mummy got him special for me and I just want him to last forever. My sister Kaytlynn and Nicolas (Grizzly) came in to see me! Grizzly threw me in the air it was fun. They spent time with me and he asked my sister to marry him so I am gaining another brother ! It’s exciting to not be the only boy. They all sooo and love me. I have the best life!

I finally took a bite of bunny’s feet he couldn’t stand and have breakfast with me anymore and he fell in the floor and broke I was shocked, and sad at the same time. Now my friends is in pieces so I have no choice but to eat him so he doesn’t remember . Life has been fun and we have been busy! Mummy and Daddy are trying to get my program sorted to start so I can start learning and working on the things they learned in Philadelphia. Should be interesting I should probably just read the book so I know what I will be having to do and prepare for it. Love all of you thank you for all of your love and support......

Until May 30th..... love Liam