3 years and 8 months

I am 3 years and 8 months my cousins come to play with me and see us for a few days. I love to have kids around but I hate I can’t communicate like they can and I don’t get to swim with them bc of my ear tubes. Mummy trying to find some ear plugs . I miss the pool. Baby Eve likes me and laughs at me. She loves my toys.

They were rowdy and had lots of fun here. Mummy cooked lots of food but she is always making something yummy daddy and I are lucky we always have great meals. Although daddy says mummy food makes him gain bc he wants to eat it all. It makes me grow up so I’m happy with it! I got to go to my big cousin Amber graduation party and I ate lots of cake it was super yummmmy!!! I love cake! Just not ice cream it’s toooo cold . We got to dance and have lots of fun. After we left we ate at a cool place called firehouse grill it was super cool it looked like a firehouse with a bar. Wouldn’t the firefighters love that!!!! We came home bc daddy had to work the next day and mummy cooked lasagna for the fire house it was awesome I got to see the fire trucks and play at the firehouse . There was a little baby there I wasn’t so sure about sharing my mummy, daddy and MY fire family with her. But I got over it . When we headed home this really bad storm hit us and mummy wasn’t able to drive we couldn’t see and there was a lot of wind. Mummy called a friend and we went to their house they have a neat ranch house with chickens, horses and hugs! There was a little boy there he was super nice and shared his truck with me. But I played my game most of the time. Everyone was so nice to me I just wish I could talk to them.

I am trying to communicate more but words still won’t come out. I seem to always get my point across though but it would be a lot easier if all these thoughts would just come out of my mouth . I can scream and say mama mama and scream and say dadadada and dath but seems like other than making firetruck sounds and my airplane sound I am trapped in my own little head. I am able to climb up on mummy and daddy bed now and I think it’s funny to tuck myself in and have my lotion ready and my oils for bed I just sit there under the covers waiting patiently. And of course I’m so cute they can’t help but let me have my back rub before night night. My aunt Jamie came down to help mummy with me for the summer and to spend some time with us. She is amazing. If mummy isn’t here I found another cuddle place. She plays with me allll. Day although she went out on a jet ski and now she hurts a little she is so funny she was picking my toys up with her toes bc it hurt to bend over. She’s almost as silly and funny as me. I help her as much as I can I save being a turd for daddy! He can handle it. Plus he would be bored if I didn’t give him things to stay on his toes . I’m still a good eater I tried chili the other day and it was good. I really don’t dislike any foods oh except fortune cookies those are gross. But the fortune is funny. Daddy said here it’s a cookie I took a bite and stuck my tongue out for it to fall out that was nasty daddy that wasn’t a cookie!!!!

Mummy and Aunt J took me to the beach while daddy had a 72 hour shift it was soooo much fun. My poor Aunt J is still hurting but she made it a point regardless to make me laugh! I love she is spending time with me. She fed the birds so they would play with me since I ran and ran after them and they would fly away before I could get to them but if you give them my French fries they will almost sit on my head. I loved it!!!! We saw a really big alligator I wasn’t amused it was hot and muggy and he didn’t move just laid there like a log! Take me back tot he water. We saw sea turtles and dolphins playing in the bay it was so neat I wanted in the water with them but mummy said no not there we can’t play there it’s only for the boats and the sea life but I didn’t think that was fair. We walked around I was really hot so mummy took me to the car to cool off.

The last day mummy took aunt Jamie to the National Seashore it’s so nice there , the pelicans are everywhere and the seagulls my friends were crazy! I decided to play back so I got gold fish and would pretend to throw them they would swoop down and I would still have my fish . Then I would pretend again but then I would eat it hahaha. I even threw one and ran and grabbed it back they were funny kept hanging out and playing with me . Figured I would tease since they ate all my donut holes not that I was going to eat them.

I played in the water , ran and splashed it was great fun. Mummy had a good time driving in the sand . The national seashore is nice bc there are less people down there and more room for me to run and play.

Beach trip is always fun but I was super glad to be home and daddy greeted me in the firetruck so exciting. I was running around like a crazy wild boy.

I can climb onto my stool sometimes I need help bc it moves but I can do it. Getting down well I can but it’s not easy. I have learned how to open the back door so now they made it harder to open Ive worked my whole life to open that door so I can play when I want and they found another way to make me learn . The obstacles and the things they force me to figure out. (I’m smart I will get it, just watch them so I can figure out the new lock). I love walking on the front porch but I don’t go far bc I hate my feet touching the ground without shoes!! So they have to now lock that to make sure I don’t . They are constantly watching and creating new things for me to have to figure out. Guess that is what parents are supposed to do. Toddler life is fun, I love making noises, trying lots of new things and being as silly as I can.