4 year 12 Months BIRTHDAY month

4 YEARS 12 MONTHS Birthday month ..... started out still in Texas I haven’t figured out if we will stay in Tennessee or Texas seems we spend time in both although my toys are in Tennessee so hopefully we end up there eventually. But my games are in Texas so well I guess I’ll stay were the games are for now. We took Daddy to the airport and went to mummy hometown and saw a few of her childhood friends I played with Michael and Kerri Dog and their daughter . We are still staying at mummy friend Beckies house it is nice I feel comfortable there and love the back yard and throwing rocks into the lake. Mummy and I even had a picnic back there one night. I loved playing with the puzzle and watching it turn around mummy finally put it up b/c she didn’t want me to mess it up said she wasn’t good at puzzles and could never get it back together if I undo it. I could but not worth telling her that she would prefer to protect and Liam proof… (I am good getting around her Liam proof) WE went into Austin to See Monica and mummy helped get Bradley and we went to rescue my sweet Monica (my sissy calls her Barbie… probably b/c she is sooo beautiful). Well her jeep broke down on a very very busy street and they sat there but the neat part while waiting for a tow truck was well some person wasn’t paying attention and hit another car causing it to close a lane down at rush hour right beside us … GUESS what that means… FIRETRUCK, POLICE and a wrecker!!! I was in heaven seeing the AFD and APD they talked to me gave me a sticker and it was sooo cool …… They kept us safe for sure… But always nice to see the lights!!! WE finally got her car loaded up and went back to her house after dropping it off .. they have a new puppy I had so much fun chasing the puppy around and playing with their other dog I would make a barking noise and it would copy me. It was funny. I had so much fun laughing and making them laugh.. That is what I am good at making others laugh!!!

Mummy thought I needed an outing so we went to the pumpkin patch and played with pumpkins I learned pumpkin in sign... I painted one too!! This time I wasn't scared to get behind the photo props and I even stood so mummy could show how tall I am.

The weekend we went to the car show and I was allowed to get into a really old car he had it blocked off to others but let me sit in the driver seat. I loved looking at all the cars. I saw my Aunt Misty and Uncle Johnny just wish I would have gotten a picture with them. Shelsea and James were there too showing their car I got in thru the window duke and hazard style! we met Amber and Cutter there and had lunch with them at a BBQ Meat place it was really good.. We went to a candy store and Cutter and I got a new toy.. I got Batman... :) This was a busy few weeks helping mummy clean houses and our house. We got to see a lot of her close friends and they love me so much. They want to see me more than mummy sometimes . They talk about how sweet and cute I am so of course I ham it up. We went to see mummy bestie from school Whitney and I drank all of her and Craig’s coffee they didn’t care they laughed so I finished it off for them . Coffee is expensive and I was helping them not waste it. I got to watch baseball and the boys watched me play my game and told mummy I was good at it, but we already know that ... games are my thing for sure!!!! Jessica came down from Brownwood to see us and we have lunch at boat town . I love their fish and chips. Jessica is so much fun she’s silly and her and mummy laugh about goofy things they did as a kid and Mrs Linda from my school bus route , (that mummy never let me ride) was there . I love her and her husband came too it’s so nice to see people and even tho we were saying bye it’s always nice to have all the lunches and best of all HUGS from all mummy’s friends. They love us !! And mummy misses them but they all said they would come up and see us and when they do I’ll show them all my toys !! We had our last lunch at Ginger with Shelsea and Travis. I love my Uncle Travis and my Auntie Shelsea! Going to really miss Anielah and Madysen and Aunt Arlett but most of all the snakes . They are sooo neat. Mummy worried I’ll pick up a wild one 🙄. Worry worry!!! Mums!!!!! Aunt Arlett cooked dinner for us a lot it was nice… I enjoyed playing with the girls! I liked making a mess in Anielah room… She acts a little aggravated but she laughs too… Guess that is what little people do to bigger kids … lol I got to say goodbye to David at the shop he’s the best we fist bump and play when I’m there he brings me food too. Bobby always chases and tickles me. And Jesse brought me pancakes. Lance was in my chair he moved but I will miss going to the office and hanging out and will miss my Auntie M she is one of my biggest supporters and always cheers me on . Although I annoyed her a lot playing things over and over she will miss it when I’m gone!! The new people moved into our home but we are still waiting for it to close we went to sign papers and mummy signed and I played with Christy labordoodle it was fun the dog and I were talking and running and playing ..... hated saying goodbye ! We went to get my hair cut once let time I said bye to miss Denise and then went to see Auntie Christy and I took over her stool and work space and made every one there laugh !! I’m funny like that . Auntie Christy loves me lots!!!!!! She’s sooo awesome!!! Back to Marble to clean up had dinner with Janlyn to say goodbye to her too. She’s super sweet and has helped mummy get things sorted for her move. Mummy was struggling with the goodbyes.... we had to get prescriptions so got in the road very late.. we ended up home the next am soo early and needless to say I know for fact we are a LONG way from Texas left in shorts and 90 degrees and got home to 37 and oh my needed clothes on. The heat in our home apparently wasn’t working so lots of warm clothes and blankets. The HVAC people came and guess from what mummy said the people who installed our heater put it in but guess they didn’t realize it had to be wired in to work she said they were total idiots and shook her head. I just watch and take it all in. We went to the diner for breakfast and to run a few errands when we got back and on the way back home Daddy saw FIRE!!! Yes he just can’t say goodbye… once a fireman always a fireman. He made a quick turn around and found a water hose and started putting the fire out with a baby hose … mummy called 911 and I stood in the back of the truck waiting and watching for the lights and sirens… so cool… here they come in a neat white and red truck. Everyone was really nice and helped daddy get it put out. It was close to getting to the building and all the way up the hill to an open field… Daddy said a few more minutes it would have been inside the building and not a good thing … Mummy said community service at its finest!! Lol.. GO Daddy go!! I love the firetrucks… just wish my fire family was here. Sure missed them for around my birthday where we got to go to the station and hang out with them all. My birthday party!!!!! My aunts came down with my cousins that was lots of fun. We didn’t get to go outside much b/c it was raining but did get to go to Jeanines and EAT I love the French toast and chocolate gravy! Saturday we had my birthday party it was a little early but I didn’t care I just wanted to open presents and eat cake. BUT the coolest part of it was everyone came over to see me. My Auntie Mary and Auntie Vickie, My Aunt Mel and Aunt Jamie who I haven’t seen since she was keeping me in TEXAS … My cousins Ti and Haydon came and then I had a very special guest my Kleefstra Brother and my new friend Gavin and his family came. I love them. Gavin and I were the highlight of the party we didn’t need a plate b/c we could run around and steal off everyone else’s plates and they didn’t care at all!!!! I taught him how to slide down the stairs on his bum we had sooo much fun!!!!!!Mummy said he lives pretty close I hope we get to play more often Its nice to have someone like me to play with ! I got some neat things my friend Felix from New York sent me a Thomas pillow and blanket… My Best Friend Catherine from Georgia sent me a train set and a matching game!!!! OH I am sooooo good at the matching game you would be soooooo proud of me. I can get them all by myself. Now I don’t have them upside down like they say but I have them scrambled and I have to find the ones that look alike there are a lot so it isn’t as easy as you think!!!! BUT I am rocking it! My Aunts got me a remote control crazy thing that we had a blast with it even climbs the stairs. The big boys didn’t want to stop playing I just enjoyed it chasing me. My Aunt Mary and Aunt Vicki got me a car garage and it is neat to watch all my cars spin. .. I also got some cool DVD’s Paddinton I mean no way anyone would guess I love Paddington!! He is still one of my favorites … My friend Gavin and my Auntie Sinead and Ben and Grandma sent me money. I miss my Auntie Sinead, Auntie Debs, Uncle Ian and Auntie Ann & Simon Auntie Sara…in Brentford we always have birthday fun with all of them .. I really miss my sweet DEE at the Pub too… ugh I want real fish and chips.. Although we had fish tonight and I will say it isn’t ENGLAND but it was good… I miss my family Auntie Ann, Hols, Chris oh and the most important my red headed buddy and cousin RAFE!!! WE are red heads together and we rule !! , Uncle Rick, Oliver and my Nan Auntie Marion, Uncle Richard. Simon… Covid has truly taken my travel away from me. Wish it would go away tired of being cooped up and miss flying the driving is not near as fast or fun! Praying this will pass so we can fly over and I can give big Liam hugs to you all!!! I miss my family in Ireland too!!! I wish they could come here so I could play with the girls they always wear their shirts and send me pics… love Niamh & Laoise…. They are soooo Cute!!! WE could have great fun… Could you imagine the trouble we could get into … lol Miss all the Woods…. Last time I was there we went to the pub and I sat with my first Guinness on the pub bar ( I was 1) but the Irish say they have to break us in. Of course daddy took It away and drank it but I had my picture made with it and watched football with everyone :) My birthday CAKE was sooooooo cool… Mummy was carrying it so she was upset b/c she didn’t get my first expression but I’m telling you it was one of the coolest cakes ever!! It had pop corn for the smoke stack!! Wait until you see it. We went to the Loretta Lynn Ranch and played by the water (it was a little off and on rain ) so we didn’t get to stay by it long. We went to a a little store and Of course my birthday is tomorrow so I got to get a toy and shirt. I went and took a picture in front of the plantation… The really cool thing was looking at the horses … BUT also She still lives there behind the house people tour. She said it is home and as long as she is alive she will be right there!!! Tennessee so far has a lot of neat places with neat singers… We have explored the smokies and now some of our area and Memphis and Nashville so I am hoping to see more as we get used to our new home…. Until Next MONTH… When you read this I will be “5” FIVE!!!!!!! Yes 1,2,3,4,5…… counting those fingers… one hand or one foot is what I will be ….. Love you all Liam