4 years

Happy Birthday!!! So I’m 4. Doesn’t that mean I don’t have to be kissed so much since I’m a bigger boy and not a baby???? We got dressed and daddy left for his test and mummy and I went with my Auntie Anne from London to Kew Gardens . We walked around I played with geese (English Geese aren’t mean like American Geese). They are pretty laid back and chill . We went over to a kid play area and I got very brave and tried everything. I wanted inside the flower but I didn’t let mummy put me up in it and I wasn’t quite big enough to climb inside . I ran up and down looked at the other kids going down the slide played with a fossil dinosaur like body, climbed a leaf, went back and forth a little further each time until inside the little house I went across a little bridge I was so excited I did it. There was a pit that had these little pieces in it looked like sand but it didn’t stick to you or make a big mess. We left there and walked to a place called the orangery there they had lots of yummy treats . Auntie Anne and mummy got hot chocolate and I got a scone with cream and a Halloween cupcake!!!! It was soooo yummy! Then here to my surprise was daddy!!! We walked over to a green house and there were huge lily pads and lots of neat flowers, trees and my favorite FISH!!! After we finished exploring at Kew we went to Boots to buy something for daddy eye and then to Mark and Spencer’s for walnut whips and stuff for my party! But really mummy just wanted walnut whips! Of course we parked right by mummy favorite store but she was very good and didn’t go inside NEXT could tell it was driving her mad but she survived .

We went back to our little flat and mummy started cooking dinner she cooked forever it seemed but I got to eat early so I was happy she made me my favorite broccoli, cauliflower and buttered noodles oh and peas. She also made corn, mash and chicken fried steak to give our English family a nice Texas Treat! Uncle Simon and Auntie Anne showed up first and Uncle Simon is great too.... He picked me up and played with me. My Auntie Sinead came I finally got to see her and then Ben... oh wow he was soooo tall now I hope I am tall like him when I grow up. Then my sweet Auntie Debs and Uncle Ian game .. she brought me a cooooool Spider-Man cake for my birthday! Everyone ate and I was running around being the center of the attention as always just loving on everyone and making everyone smile. When they were all finished with dinner I decided I wanted to open a present mummy caught me and did cake first but that was ok it was yummy. They lit the candles and sang to me. I grinned and thought it was great! Mummy helped me blow them out. One day I will figure that out but watching them glow is so neat I will say. Next I got to open my presents! I got a really cool firetruck, oh and a farting monkey , That makes me giggle he does other things but being a boy you know that will make me giggle more !!. I can’t wait to wear my new Batman swimsuit too!!! I also got some cool LEGO cars , oh and super cool shark for my bath . Nice to have something new for bath time . Can’t wait to get home and play with it.

It is always sad when people go home. It’s always fun to visit and give hugs to everyone just wish I could see them more. They always believe in me and support me. I am so tired I didn’t want to take a bath but I did and it didn’t take me 5 min to fall asleep.. more tomorrow can’t wait to share what adventures we will have !!!!

Love Liam