4 years 1 month

We spent a lot of time traveling this month and I shared adventures from England and Scotland with my Aunties, uncles and cousins.. when we got home I had to get my 4 year old shots . It didn’t hurt I actually slept thru it. But the next day I was pretty miserable. I don’t want to eat , sleeping is hard my legs are feeling weird I keep kicking mummy, Ive had a fever for a few days I never run fever. My body temperature is normally 96.1 and I feel hot and cold and shiver. I am just miserable it’s made my nose run, coughing and I seriously just want to stay in my bed and play with my Paddington he makes me feel better. I’ve lost 5 lbs and have started getting a little rash. Apparently some kids get measles or the measel rash and chicken pox from vaccines guess being as rare as I already am I am just one of the lucky ones to get all the side effects And I developed some blister spots on my finger, arm and back. Been 16 days and I still don’t want to eat. I’ve even been throwing up and my stomachs hurts so bad. My doctor has me taking Benadryl now to see if it helps with the reaction I’m having. I got to go outside a lot that makes me happy . But I still want to stay in my bed even tho I don’t sleep. I’ve not been able to sleep at all. Poor mummy looks like the zombies on TV not that I watch that stuff but zombies seem to be everywhere. People seem to like them . I got a new tricycle it’s sooo cool . I still don’t really know how to ride it tho. But I will learn. I’m getting it a little if they push me. Thanksgiving day we finally left to go to Arkansas to see my cousins and aunts and my sister and brother . On the way we stopped at a truck stop for gas and I got a new penguin and then we stopped at Buc-Ees and I got another penguin. I love love Penguins. We got in pretty late at my cousins so we went to bed after I played a little with the puppy And helped wrap my sissy gifts . Friday I went over to my great Aunts for lunch and had a lot of my family there I played some and then I fell and got a little hurt but I shook it off and went back to chasing the dog. Charley is a puppy and I had a blast . Although Charley wanted to eat my new Penguin. But it’s all good I got it back and it was all good . That night we had my sister baby shower I was done with people. Not cake tho just people. Make sure I get cake !!!! I went upstairs and laid down until the people left I just wanted to rest and get away from everyone. Mummy took a quick shower and the two of us went to bed I had a rough night but I slept . Got up the next morning and my cousin made me an omelet I loved it. Then we headed over to visit my sister and brother before our trip out. Got to see my cousin too we went to eat at my grand pops favorite restaurant and I ended up eating mummy chopped beef sandwich. It was yummy!!!! We went to see my sissy new apartment and eat cake from her shower. Yes more cake for Liam!!!! Then I was ready for I go. I can only handle so much mingle time. So mummy and I hit the road back to TEXAS!!! We got home late that night and I was so happy to run and jump in my bed and off to sleep land i go. My month being 4 hasn’t started off so great! But we can only believe that the rest of this year will be a lot better than the beginning. Happy Holidays.... oh and I love Turkey. (Was my first time to have it and I probably had my body weight in it).

So much to share coming up! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and final month of 2019!!!

Oh and New Shirts for me coming soon these will be pre-order only this time!!! Because they are hand made by a very special friend of my mums (she and her sweet husband even got me two new fire patches from where my grandma was from). Betsy and Chad are the best!!! The cool thing about these shirts is my sissy designed the middle part of it. And Betsy added the finishing touches to make it perfect!!!! Picture will be posted separately. .

Love Liam