4 Years 10 Months

This month started off with us being in Texas trying to get our home here sold so we can tie up loose ends as mummy says. It’s been kind of strange having an empty house but I love to run around and stomp. I’m pretty mischievous and love to get into the cabinets to find my games charging mummy can’t keep me out I and so tall now and I know how to move my stools to climb and get what I want .
I have been playing so hard and having long days when I get to sleep I snore like crazy mummy says Liam be quiet! But I’m sooo tired!!! We seem to go like crazy! We went to Monica’s house and I got to play with her puppy and hang out there I just make myself at home ... all of mummy friends seem to love me! It pays to be sooo cute!!! Her and Adam swing me and play with me. So much fun and their new puppy is hilarious. Adam drives a baby fire truck 🚒 I’m going to miss the trucks !

Finally got my hair cut it was getting long so I got to see my sweet Denise . She hugged me and gave me a super nice card ! I’m going to miss her a lot. She was about to cry said I was one of her longest clients. I think I’m her favorite. We can always visit.

I got to see my Christy and Matt they love me and think I’m silly! I don’t know why I just giggle and hang out . But they love me because I’m just love able. Christy has been helping mummy get her radio fixed that’s been nuts. Matt made us dinner I loved the Mac n cheese and the potatoes. Was super nice to have a home cooked meal. Don’t think mummy has eaten much this week.

We spent some time with Miss Casey at Blair’s where I get my cool boots she is sooo sweet and I love her puppy and my Hattie Blair! They have a sweet puppy that loves me and I sit on her little couch and he lays next to me and sleeps! He’s funny he wakes up kisses me and goes back to sleep!!

We got to go down for a few days to see my Aunt Anne at the beach. Her pool was open and we got to hang out and swim! She played with me and I had soo much fun with her throwing me up and down. We had some yummy pizza with her and she also made fish tacos with the fish she caught. I ate a lot of that I love fish! Her puppy always sits by me while I play my game think she likes me a little. But I don’t get my game much so I don’t pay a lot of attention. Mummy puts the game up high in the bedroom but I know how to steal cushions and pile them up to climb and get to it... bad part is I normally get caught before mission is accomplished ... It’s been a nice week playing in the water. I am not crazy about the sand on my feet but mummy bought me some water shoes and it made it a lot better. We walked the beach a lot but truly enjoyed the pool the most. Mummy enjoyed playing in the sand in her truck. 🙄 . We got back to marble falls and daddy worked on the house . Mummy went to work for a bit but I got to play around stomping and being silly something I’m good at for sure.
We took daddy to the airport bc he had to fly back to Nashville for work and mummy and I stayed to finish things here. Christy and Matt came and helped mummy paint baseboards she was a little cray cray bc she couldn’t get it all done so they volunteered to drive up and help her. They got a lot done. I did too ... well not really but I can pretend I helped right. I stayed out of the way that’s helping !

Mummy and I went to see my Uncle Traye and Aunt Mary. I was a giggle box! But enjoyed seeing them we don’t get to see them much. We then went to eat with Matt and Christy again! They’ve been spending time with us . Mummy is really going to miss Christy. They are great friends ... I love sitting at her desk and acting like I own the Toyota dealership! They’ve always taken care of us!

Tonight we went to Ginger and Pud and Allie and Tyne came to see us and say goodbye. Cim taught Mummy how to make sushi!!!! And we ate a lot of noodles, sushi, and cheese rolls yummy. I was being silly and loving on Pud! I’m going to really miss Ginger! I have my own table there and they know what I want when I walk in the door! Pud told mummy she would give her my noodle recipe too.

We have been staying at mummy friend Beckies this last week and it’s nice to have a bed to sleep on but I still love the recliner!!! Going to miss that chair . But when we get to her house I love the couch there a lot ! I also know what room I stay in and I go straight there and sit and play my game until bath and bed. I would play all night if she would let me. Cramming game time bc I know she will take away when we get to our Tennessee home. Mummy had sweet friends going to miss them and miss all the houses I get to watch the boaters play. Mummy was sad saying her goodbyes. It’s different in Tennessee I love our new home but will miss stomping around our old home making loud noises as it echos for all to hear. I’ll miss Miss Kaye and looking for bugs with her, going to mummy office and fist bumping David and him buying me French fries and tea! And of course Auntie M whom i love to give hugs to and slam her door on her cabinet to watch her jump. I’ll miss making copies and watching the paper come out and my school and teachers Katana, Korina and Mrs Sparks. I’ll miss Leanne and her pretty blue eyes ! And Cutter and Tim and Amber. Cutter loves to come over and says I want to see Chris and Liam! They always came to see me on the golf cart and Tim would take me for rides ! My Auntie Shelsea and James and Bryce and Savanna! And Auntie Dawn and Matt .... I’ll even miss Silas even though he wants to eat me now. And Bryant ... I am really going to miss my milk and Abigail and McKinley. They were so awesome and loved me so much. My sweet Denise and my awesome haircuts no more firetruck cuts for me now. Guess I am getting too big but don’t want to believe that. And of course I’ll miss our family my uncles grandma and my grandpa. We have my aunt Mary and Aunt Vickie here ! My sisters are a little closer now but it’s still hard to see them. My aunt teen teen will come see me tho. She some Kind of loves her Liam and I love her!!!!!!! She’s the bestest!
Daddy had some time off and mummy is trying to adjust to not having her friends and her Normal organized life so since daddy was off we drove to see my sissy Joy and brother walker and my niece Daisy. She is so cute I love her and love to protect her. We went to the beach and played in the water splashing and I had so much fun with Angie and sissy Joy they held my hand as we jumped waves. . Those waves are sooo big they almost knocked me down a few times but my mummy or sissy held me up. I really enjoyed the beach today and was trying to make daisy happy when she got a little fussy. Mummy enjoyed playing with her while sissy went to the store to buy stuff for mummy to make dinner. I actually ate lasagna for dinner I’ve been not eating bc I wanted to play my game and I am not giving up game time for anything not even food but mummy lasagna yes!!!
Sissy finally told Cali she could play with me but Cali doesn’t play much with me anymore kind of sad about it . I use to play and we would chase each other and have a great time. Now she sits on her little trampoline thing that mummy said I can’t jump on ugh!!!! Indoor trampoline and looks so fun but they said it’s her place “place”. Whatever that means... back to my game..... I enjoy my time with them wish I could see them more. They play with me and like spending time with me. But I am kind of cool like that. I still love to brush my teeth, I’m signing a lot more and getting better at communicating Well another month closing so until next month in Liam says... love you all!!!!