4 Years 11 months

4 Years 11 months After spending a few days with my Sissy and Bubba Walker and my niece Daisy and enjoying much needed beach time and family time, we headed home. We stayed over in Virginia and got to go to a natural tunnel. There is a train track under the mountain in a cave. A train actually came while we were there and he stopped for me to see it and take a picture then off into the cave he went like Thomas (my new favorite). We had to hike back up and I was not liking that wanted Daddy to carry me it was getting hot and I was not wanting to walk anymore. But I did and made it to the top, I was so ready to get in the car and get my game . I wanted to play my train game . We got some food for me and back to the driving. Which I love bc I get to play my game ! daddy and mummy were enjoying the mountains, me I just enjoyed playing my game! I’d look out some but I take advantage of the screen time mummy doesn’t let me have it at home. We got to big tunnel and when we were driving we crossed over into Kentucky! Another state I’ve now been to 22 states and 5 countries . We went to the top of a mountain and you could see so much. I didn’t want to walk up but daddy gave me a piggy back and I started to laugh . Once we got there I loved looking out it was really high!!!! I could see water, and all the cars looked tin lke my toy cars... There was a spot at the top where you were in Kentucky on one side and Virginia on the other. And at one place you could be in Tennessee too ! Three places at once! Although I wanted Daddy in the same state as me!!! I didn’t like him crossing the line without me.
Back on our journey and we stopped for BBQ there was a beautiful Rainbow! I learned what a rainbow was! I loved pointing to it as we sat outside eating . When we got ready to leave it went away. Guess it was there just for us! We finally made it home and the moon was so big and bright I loved pointing it out. The moon is by far one of my favorite things to find at night!!! I went inside got my shower and off to sleep in my big boy bed I went! Nice to have my bed!!!

Mummy went to her friend Victoria’s and she cut my hair and I got to play with some neat toys and her sweet Granddaughter. She was soo cute!!! Of course she talks more than me but she is a GIRL!

I’ve been putting on daddy shoes, boots and mummy shoes a lot lately and finally finally figured out how to put mine on and can put my own boots on!!! Yay me now I can sneak out and play in the puddles after I figure out the door .... oh the learning!!!

It’s been rainy here which is different from Texas but mummy lets me play outside in it and since I can put My wellies on by myself I can splash splash in the puddles ..

Today mummy decided to fly a kite! It was funny when it crashed she even crashed into the roof. Daddy decided he would show her how it was done .... well that didn’t go well but was fun to watch him run. Daddy never runs it normally leads to an accident . But nice to see he finally has some energy!!! Graveyard has him all sleepy all the time!!! Mummy said it’s not like the firehouse he has to walk and stand all night, no bed, no recliner , no TV just trauma after trauma!!! But he’s learning and seems to like his job!

I am going to a birthday party tomorrow for another Kleefstra kid I think mummy is excited me I guess I’ll see what it’s all about and decide then. My uncle Travis and Madysen came to visit they’ve been helping repair the attic since contractors have been backed up like crazy he came in to finish the attic for us so daddy and mummy’s room won’t be a mess anymore. Well not sure if that will keep things tidy but we can hope mummy might go crazy other wise haha. She likes things neat and daddy and I just like to enjoy the house !

Today was fun!!! I went to my favorite cafe where all the girls that work there know me by name and LOVE me and some nice older gentlemen sat with us and had conversations with all of us. After we left we went to the Amish store and got milk and fresh made cheese? Mummy bought herd shares basically she bought part of a cow to be able to get raw milk . Whatever. Don’t care as long as I get milk . The Amish are very nice! We then went to a little boy named Gavin house it was his 4th birthday they had a big water slide . I loved sitting as the big girls went down and got me wet!!! Gavin is special like me ! We both have Kleefstra! We are a lot alike we both LOVE belly buttons, we love to hug, smile, laugh, and be the light of the party. I had a great time Meeting his family and his mummy let me steal his big sister Juliana cake! 😜 pays to be cute and rare when cake is involved . I learned how to blow a party thing. They all cheered so I kept doing it bc it was funny. When we got ready to leave I gave Gavin and his family big hugs! Love our new friends and my Kleefstra brother!!!

We headed back to Texas ! Uncle Travis and Madysen traveled behind us so it was nice to have company for mummy I don’t care either way. We stopped in Arkansas and saw my nephew Oliver in Hot Springs and had lunch with them. It was fun. He loves me and I love him. He just smiles . Mummy of course took the phone out to get pictures I don’t know how she has room for more pictures she takes pictures allllll the time....good grief mummy snap snap. We got back on the road and the weather got kind of bad so mummy wasn’t enjoying the trip. A few cars wrecked and scared her. I just played my game. We finally got to our old house I ran thru stomping as mummy turned on the water and water heater to have ready for the inspection the next day. We didn’t stay long and went back to her friend Beckies house and I knew right where to go so off to my room to sit and play until she makes me go to sleep .

The next morning we stopped and saw Auntie M and mummy did a few things and then we went to the house for the inspection! I watched the guy mow our yard and Tim came and let me see the fire truck! I didn’t go down but it was nice to see the lights! I ran around the yard and looked for bugs and annoyed mummy bc I wouldn’t go back in the house. Uncle Travis stopped by to look at a few things and of course I make him play with me too. I give them all their work outs.

Wednesday we went to Austin saw Grandma and of course she gave me chocolate buttons and more to take with me! Going to grandmas is great I always get chocolate! And hugs!!!

We went and got my hair cut and then mummy took me to see Little Liam. Haven’t seen him in a very long time but he was so big now he’s 3. We played and ate all the snacks and annoyed our parents it was the best part was annoying the mums 🙂. I got to see two of my Kleefstra brothers. I love being around them it’s nice for mummy too bc she has someone who she can talk to and leave me alone.... I mean I love my mummy but sometimes she just needs a friend so I can do my thing, I mean I am almost 5. I’m a big boy. Once this move is over Little Liam doesn’t live too far away and I have my new friend Gavin who is an hour away. Hopefully we can play more when we are finally in one state. I think mummy is tired of the travel. Daddy is still trying to get his nights, days and time off sorted . Right now he sleeps a lot and I am loud so sure he enjoys when we travel back so he can finally rest without me throwing shoes and toys down the stairs for hours and going down on my bum!!! It’s soooo much fun to watch it all tumble down and I slide down to get it and run back up. Mummy says it’s loud and daddy is trying to sleep but he never tells me to stop so off I go again!!

Went and saw my Auntie Shelsea she and mummy took me to the park! Ok I like the park but mummy wouldn’t let me put my feet in bc of all the trash and stuff in the Lake. So needless to say I was done before it started. But I walked and humored them until I didn’t. !! The ducks were nice but couldn’t see them and they wouldn’t let me go down the cliff so it was just not fun anymore . So back to the car and I was happy!!!

We’ve been working on the old house , going to the office and well hanging out at Beckies. Which is the best bc I can relax!!! The go go go is getting a little old old old. I’m too young for all these miles. Think mummy is wore out!! We have been going to Cen-Tex I love it there it is the same and isnt changing! Nice to see Jesse David Dillard, and Bobby Greenwood and auntie Malia Headley and Lance!!!

We went into town to see one of mummy friends today her name is Jenny ! Mummy said she hasn’t seen her since she was a little girl. You’d never know it they acted like they talk daily!!! I made myself at home, played with her big ball , opens her fridge, ate goldfish, played on the stairs and had a blast . She lets me jump!! And she doesn’t say NO like mummy! I like Jenny!!! I have some kind of affect on people I just make them smile!!!!

Today we got up and I ate two bananas ! Don’t want fast food just give me fruit. The road life and living in a bag gets kind of annoying !! We went to Uncle Travis house and auntie Arlett gave me oranges, fruit loops and water. I played with their tortoise 🐢 and snakes !!! I held one but when I tried to swing it they grabbed it. I mean it’s like a rope right!!! Mummy and Arlett laughed! He has a lot of snakes I was hissing like them!! The bird was making all sorts of crazy phone sounds!!! He’s nuts! They have a new puppy and it’s super cute! I loved all the animals!!!

Daddy flew in and surprised me ! We got to spend his Birthday with him .. daddy is my favorite! He’s the best!!! We ate with Tim and Amber and had his fabulous famous ribs! I got to play with cutter and play with TOYS. It was so much fun. We finally got back to bed time around 9:30 seems we get in late all the time with the repairs, visiting , cleaning and working but mummy is getting things done I guess! I just play and she says she is.
Went to grandma today after daddy and I slept in and were lazy and I got a box of new trains and a shark that I put in my head and pretend he’s eating me. It’s funny or I think it’s funny I’ve been doing it for a few hours even put the game down for it. So you know it’s awesome.
I got to play with my uncle Steven too!

This day ended at Ginger and Spice ... and Daddy says goodbye to our favorite Thai place they said it might be our last trip here for a long time after our home is sold.
We will be here mummy said until our house closing ... so I’ll chill and be the giggle life of the party and enjoy saying my goodbyes!

Until next month... birthday month I’ll be the big FIVE!!!!!

Love Liam