4 years 2 months

Back to life .... I’m feeling better, mummy is better, daddy is working a lot to help pay for our trip back to Philly and I’m walking running practicing trying to get my running goal by March . I have to run 100 yards! They say it’s a whole football field think I got this! I run and run all the time let me at it!!! Just not in front of doctors or at the institute let me do it here where it is fun and I don’t have to do it for someone.... I am trying log rolls getting there it is kind of funny! Still doing the masking but I haven’t liked it as much guess bc I didn’t feel well last month with all the shots and feeing rotten .... the vitamins are helping me feel better too . I have a new person helping mummy with me her name is Kay she is a blast she takes me outside all the time and I love looking at bugs and walking. I love miss Kay hopefully she will continue to help me. Christmas is coming they say. There are blow up things all over the place I am fascinated with them. I still don’t understand the Christmas stuff but do love the trees and the lights everything is very pretty.

I have gotten where I am back to my silly self doing silly boy stuff. Daddy had me bring him my whale asked if he was hungry so I fed him one of my fire trucks I mean he’s a big whale he doesn’t want my dinner he needs something big like him to eat right!!!??? I now think farting is hallarious sorry but it is. I at least admit and point to myself when I do it. My sister would blame everybody else .... aka Kaytlynn!!!! I’m a boy so guess that’s normal. I love bugs and Kay she takes me outside and plays with bugs with me. It’s great today mummy was mean and made me leave the bug outside I was having soo much fun with that Beadle . But guess he is better off outside . Mummy said he was happy to be back in his environment and he could die in the house . He was my friend I was sad even tried to shut mummy outside bc she wouldn’t let me keep him . That’s ok I’ll find another one. I’ve learned how to turn over rocks bc that is where the bugs hide.... tomorrow we are going to get my hair cut it’s so long that mummy has to put loads of that smell good gel in my hair I hate sitting while she fixes my hair but I love Denise cutting my hair and it saves me time sitting while mummy styles . I’m a boy mummy let me be messy already!!!! Ugh! I’m 4 she just always makes me match but at least she buys me cute jeans they have neat things on them. She has good taste in clothes so I guess I won’t complain! Just the hair just let me have my hair boring . I am doing my masking program a little better as the month goes on along with the words, and all the millions of vitamins. I miss Milk but water isn’t so bad and mummy gets me fruit drinks with a silly name they are called naked who would name a drink that but it has a lot of fruit in it. Think she hides one of my vitamins in that one but I am not sure yet I haven’t caught her. Mummy says she sees a big difference since we’ve been doing the masking . . Mummy wants to video and doesn’t run with me I always say Come on run!!! It’s fun!!! Mummy says there is nothing. Fun about running. Glad Kay will run with me. Sissy agrees with me but she is super pregnant so I know she won’t run like that with me but I will ask her when I see her over the holidays . My other sissy is like uh no way! She is also pregnant I get to be an uncle pretty soon.

I am eating pretty close to what I was minus my milk ! So sad but my veggies and mummy has finally talked me into eating eggs!!! Guess they aren’t terrible. She said I have to have proteins with my oatmeal but she still lets me have oatmeal so I’m cool with that . And every now and then she makes a yummy pancake they are gluten free even daddy can have them. They aren’t bad either I like mine with blueberries.

Mommy cooked for two days I was getting a little frustrated but then it was ok bc she would let me help a little. We took all the food to the fire departments and I got to see all the firefighters I love soooo much. Will , Jeremy, Jared, Honri. “Charles” Spoon as they call him :-) Bryan, Willauer and Coffey at the other fire houses . Jared was picking me up and letting me see the ambulance . I love the Ambulance . Honri was picking me up and throwing me they all say I’m a great work out. After dropping off and wearing them all out we went back to the main station to finish cooking the food for daddy station... we had a lot more people this visit ..Tim, Daddy, Chris , Cole, Asa, Dustin, Andrew, Jesse and Amber and Cutter came up too so I was running back and forth playing although I pushed him down and mummy pushed me back . It really isn’t very nice to push I guess I need to stop!!! I played with Tim and cutter and ran around the station while mummy cooked and then I took a little nap in daddy chair. Daddy woke me up and I wasn’t very happy about that!! I decided to protest not eat and be a little cranky for a little while. Then I was ok. Sometimes I just need to regroup on my own.

I got to open presents after dinner they said they were Christmas presents. Oh well who cares why I got them it’s fun to unwrap. I got some cooooool dinosaurs . That was what I played with at the station. Also got a firetruck but needed to be charged so couldn’t play with it and a work bench but needed to be put together. So I just enjoyed the dinosaurs.

Got home and played with the dinosaurs some more . Daddy came home to have dinner when he was on shift at Granite Shoals and put my work bench together and I played with that it was cool but then we got out this big mat my aunt Carolyn got me it was soooo loud and very cool it plays music I had a blast with it!!!! So messy living room and some new toys how fun! I still like the penguin the best that I got from my cousin Bryant I kind of stole it from when we went to my Uncle Matt and Aunt Dawns house it was there and I loved it sooo much Bryant said I could have it. He is soooo awesome!!!

So progress .... apparently mummy thinks it’s funny I jump when she honks the horn wat me when I’m trying to concentrate on bugs! So why is this progress well prior to the program we are working on I didn’t react to any loud sounds I had no reaction at all to loud horns, sirens anything . So the fact I am starting to startle is a great sign they say! I’m not so sure about that tho. I liked just being me! But if they say it’s progress and good we will just let the adults be happy and I will continue on. I am making more noises ... I like being very vocal even though my words don’t seem like words to others I am trying with lots of new sounds.

The masking makes me feel better and mummy says she sees a lot of changes since we started it. I like for her to set the timer and I watch it as I mask.

I am loving my new homemade books they are neat and love to read them over and over! We do words often as well I kind of get excited for them it doesn’t take long so even when I don’t want to do it I know it doesn’t take long. I am trying to say No sometimes it comes out right sometimes not so much. It’s good they get it when I try to say no or I want something they’ve learned some of my language so we have learned to communicate the best we can! I promise I get my point across!

So December is almost over and I am waiting to be an uncle can’t wait to see my sisters more than the babies ..... mummy wants to see the babies but playing with my sisters is what I want ! I miss them!

To end this long month daddy and mummy took me to a safari and dinosaur world I had the best time ever I even got to see mummy bestie Shandy she came to have dinner with us ! At Dino world there was a long walk and I saw big and little dinosaurs and even a pond with a ton of big fish!!! We went into some museum and they said the loud sound scare kids ... that was a JOKE! I loved it but the last thing it was was scary or LOUD! They need to work on that ! I am sure dinosaurs of that size had louder sounds than that! I think I should show them!!! We left and went to the safari and that was by far my favorite I didn’t have to wear a seatbelt mummy got me a cool safari helmet and I got to feed the animals . At first I tried to eat the food myself daddy scream NO. Not for you Liam for the Animals . What’s the difference if they can eat it why can’t I???? But OK I will feed them. I loved seeing them come to the vehicle. They rolled the windows up for this weird bird they called an ostrich he was coming to the window but mummy drove on. Apparently they are mean. We saw giraffes, zebras and rams . It was a blast!!!!!! Off to eat we went with Shandy I was on a silly boy mood but had a blast there too. I was showing out. On the way home I was tired.... we got home I got a quick shower and off to bed I went . It was a long drive but was worth it. Was nice to get out of the house and enjoy a day of fun. Been hectic with the program I’ve been stuck at home a lot .. until next month I am sure I will have a lot with my little Niece and Nephew!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!

Happy New Year Love Liam