4 years 3 months

Well this month started off a little different it’s a New Year and I’m going to be an Uncle . Mummy and I drove to North Carolina for Sissy to have her baby. It was a lot of me playing with their new German Shepard and waiting around . I loved playing with the puppy!!! We went to the children’s museum I had a blast I played with all kinds of things I played in a fitness area it was a total blast and then went to a little grocery store section I had a nice little cart and was able to get groceries and put them on the belt but then daddy made me put them all up ... so weird at the store I take them home. I went to a pizza section but when I opened a box a little girl slammed it and said NO so I moved to another section she didn’t play nice. Girls are mean!

I got to meet mommy friend Christine and Todd they were nice and I got Todd to lift me of course I did , I’m so good at that . Work out baby!!! I build muscles! I’ve been doing my reading books, my words , masking is so fun. I do love my books. I am trying for my running goal mummy needs to take me somewhere to measure how far I’m running . I need a whole 100 yards they say it’s a football field. Sissy had my little niece Daisy Kay she is super small! I wasn’t sure about her it’s weird bc she was in sissy tummy now she is here. I helped take care of their puppy while they were in the hospital and then we headed back home. Got home and well off again to Arkansas my nephew Oliver Travis was born and he is super small too. Babies are little. But I think I like them ok. People hold them all the time and say how sweet and cute they are. I like I can run around and people aren’t cuddling and holding me all the time like that. Wow being a baby is boring . Sissy says Ollie won’t let them sleep I never heard him he let me sleep just fine. Guess the babies like their Uncle Liam!!! We finally got home thank God no more babies this month and I don’t have to go anywhere and can just enjoy my space, my sweet Kay and enjoy my masking, words, exercises and my TOYS. Oh and my bed !!! My Paddington ! Love to settle back into normal well my normal I promise nobody’s lives my normal. But it’s ok! I love my life ! My daddy and mummy spend a lot of time working with me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The log rolls truly make me laugh. I love to laugh. Love my tickle time, and really love making them give me lotion back rubs . I just keep handing lotion to them when they need it. I’m very helpful!

I’m doing better with making new sounds . Masking makes me feel good and i am getting more vocal just don’t say any meaningful words as they call them at the institute. When mummy ask me to help I am doing better at helping with the task instead of not. If I throw my toys down I am slowly starting to help them pick them up and putting up instead of just making the mess for mummy to clean. She’s trying to teach me to clean my mess but I will be honest cleaning is not as much fun as making a mess. I’d really rather dump play and leave. I have a lot of new books mummy made me and I love them sooo much!!! Especially the family and monkey one. Daddy built my pattern table and we are waiting for the stuff to put ontop so it won’t be uncomfortable for me. I am not sure I like it but they make it silly so I laugh about it and giggling is something I love so much. I am doing better at following directions. I understand you I promise just know I have to act like I’m 4 and ignore you some or you will think I’m perfect and well no toddler can always be perfect I have to make you work a little ! Kay is helping me still with walking and running, mummy has moved masking to a little longer and now we are doing 25 seconds and I’m Supposed to be 40 x a day but we are getting there mummy is trying to make sure I am comfortable and happy. I still won’t do the log rolls alone but it is fun to let mummy and daddy roll me. The books I will read all day if they will let me. Mummy put them in little folders so they are easier to read. I love books but I think the ones she made me are the best. I know my colors and I’m starting to make animal sounds. I can point out the different animals if you ask also. My communication has truly improved so mummy says . I’m trying and so is she. I think she is trying to get a routine that works and seems a little stressed some but I just smile, kiss her and giggle and she can resist she has to smile right back I have that affect on people .

I’m a smart boy! I learned how to FaceTime so if you are in my contacts I might just call you! I love to call my daddy over and over and put little characters on the screen it’s also fun to hang up and call him back . I laugh and laugh because it’s funny . I called sissy too she was shocked I could call her. It’s nice to call people and see their faces. I will be able to talk to them one day hopefully soon . Trying to learn how to make my mouth form the words . Apparently Kleefstra makes it where my brain doesn’t send the proper sparks to make my mouth say what I’m thinking. But we are stimulating and working to fix that short link as money calls it. We will just rewire 🙂. I’m still happy, silly and love being a goof ball enjoy my silly videos!!!

Well that’s about it for my January 2020..... new Year... new beginning.... New Me!!!

Love always


PS my shirts (Thank you Betsy Launius) are still for sale if anyone wants one let mummy know. If you have one share a picture to my wall!!! Thanks again for all the support . Funds go toward my treatment to help me learn and grow and praying to speak. Being trapped in my Brain is a little frustrating!

We love all of you!