4 years 4 months

Well this month started a little rocky I decided I would roll down the back stairs! It scared me going to be honest but mummy cried more than me. She didn’t even fall and she cried ... grown ups make no sense!!! Daddy hasn’t felt good this month so I got to play with Kay even when he was home. It was nice because she plays outside with me and lets me play with my bugs. Daddy made me put my bug outside and I cried . Now that’s a real Reason to cry mummy!!! Having to give my bug back to the outdoors ! He was my friend and daddy made me let him go! I wasn’t really happy about it.

Mummy let me keep one I even took him to the petrol station to get petrol for the lawn mower ! When we got home my beetle and I sat on the trampoline while mummy mowed. Mummy got done and well my friend wasn’t ok anymore . Don’t know why I did it but I ate his legs! Mummy was like Liam your friend needs his legs he isn’t ok anymore and we had to bury him it was really sad. I guess burying him wasn’t all bad bc his legs grew back! I found my friend walking around again the next day. So see Mummy he’s ok .

Kay has taught me how to turn over rocks and find all kinds of bugs and worms. I like to turn over all the bricks and rocks over looking for bugs although the ants bite me sometimes so mummy won’t let me do it .

So the program what everyone is dying to hear about I’m sure! Well it’s killing me already! Words, masking, log rolls, reading, masking , and the table is done. Tactile stimulation that’s weird already!!!! Apparently this is supposed to help me feel ... So we take soft things, rough things and hard things and I have to feel them on my skin to see how I react . Well soft stuff is nice, rough and hard things make me laugh guess they kind of tickle. I love love love being tickled ! I get to laughing and can’t stop then mummy laughs and that makes me laugh more .

I got bit today from one of my friends he got in trouble but it didn’t hurt I didn’t even cry. Things don’t hurt like they say. Mummy says I should feel hurt and it isn’t normal but it’s my normal so define what normal is .... then again I don’t want to be normal I like being me. Mummy says not hurting isn’t good tho the same thing that makes me not hurt also makes me not sweat. It seems like a great thing but apparently if I got really hurt nobody would know bc I couldn’t tell them. Most times if I cry it is more bc I am scared. and I don’t scare Easy either I’m a super brave boy!

I went to the farm for us to get our groceries for the month and got to play with my red headed buddy McKinley she is a lot of fun she plays with me so I don’t get bored while mummy shops. They even taught me how to use the cash register before . I love the farm! A lot better than going to the big grocery store and the food is so much better!

Valentine’s Day was fun mummy got daddy a balloon I stole it I like playing with it . I love balloons ! And bubbles . ....circles I love circles I draw them everywhere even my legs of you aren’t watching !

I was nominated this month for a tiny superhero thing I am getting a cape! And apparently people like me a little and sponsored me so I will get my initial on it too!! Thank you all who sponsored me !!! So excited. Can’t wait to put it on and show you my super powers!!!! My first mission I made a little box (mummy actually did most ). And the next mission I had to make book marks to give out and to make people smile and bring positivity to others. That was fun I like to color!!! And making people smile is definitely a super hero power I’m GREAT at! Mummy got me new markers and new paint pens! They are awesome! I love playing with markers .... I like coloring my legs it’s funny! But I don’t like mummy getting it off, except watching her get it off is kind of comical. I like to do silly things to keep her one her toes.

So my new cape came in just in time for me to finish out my month and share the pictures with you. Soo excited! At first wasn’t sure about wearing it but then I took off like Batman running around with my cape and Batman! Daddy and mummy even let me wear it out to eat and of course Batman went with me!

I got to wear my super Liam cape to the firehouse and my fire family flew me around like a real super hero it was so much fun!!! I love my fire family and the fire trucks 🚒. They got a call while I was there so I got to watch them run down gear up and off they went lights and sirens. Mummy stayed and finished cooking daddy cooking night I should say mummy cooking night she cooks for daddy.. good reason too... we love mummy cooking daddy well he can stick to firetruck and ambulances he does better making sick people well or saving people from crazy events. Mummy is better making food for sure!! Sorry daddy!!! I just eat better when my mummy is cooking we eat chicken fil a when mummy not home think I’d prefer my broccoli 🥦!! But it’s ok at least I get to spend time with daddy when he’s not helping other people! I love my daddy!

This month has been interesting to say the least I’ve gotten hurt a little this month but my superpowers have made sure I am ok! Mummy says I have a higher power that protects me daily!!!

Love you all Liam