4 years 5 months

4 years 5 months. We started this month with the fire banquet I like going because I get to see my fire family. Daddy got the geek award he will kill me for saying it but he’s so good with computers and of course his speech was about as many words as I can speak we seem to have that in common too. We had a good meal I ate my plate and some of daddy’s! I went to the farm this month bet you didn’t guess that and got to see my McKinley and Abigail we played outside while mummy got food for the house .. I love playing with them just hate we don’t stay longer . It’s like we get there and we have to leave as fast as I arrived. I have so much fun there. They have all sorts of neat things there but since it’s a working farm I can’t play with all the neat stuff but I at least get to see it and I get to play with the girls. That’s always the best part. We stopped at the store and I love helping mummy shop I pick up all my favorites and throw them in her cart. We had a lunch at my Aunt Dawn Dawn Wendel and Uncle Matt Wendel I love playing with their dog it won’t let anyone but me throw the ball the girls tried and tried and it would look at them like they were crazy because it wanted only me to throw it . It would even bring the ball straight to me. My uncle Matt is so funny and my aunt Dawn Dawn loves me so much. As does my uncle Travis Swan Longand Arlett Long. My grandma Mary and grandpa Johnny where there too I haven’t seen them since I was little but it was so Much fun to see everyone and play and hang out. This month my sisters were supposed to come see me but since we are having some weird event causing people to go crazy over toilet paper and wipes and well wiping out our stores my sissy Joy couldn’t come bc the marines made a rule saying she couldn’t travel on a plane or more than a certain distant so we came to see her. I was able to sit in the big seat without my car seat this time. Mummy wipes it down , my tray her tray and seat the arm and window shade ... she made the plane smell super clean . People were getting on saying wow it smells clean on here . Yeah well my mummy cleans and it shows or should I say smells haha.... It’s fun my sissy and I got to color on the whole driveway and made it very colorful. We played a number game and I got most of them I love learning. I know a lot more than people think! I’m very smart even if I can’t talk. I love the helicopters that fly over sissy house they are marine helicopters they are soo cool . Mummy was happy she could find wipes for me. The grocery stores aren’t mass panic here . We walk in and a nice lady suds up our cart for us and wipes it dry before we shop . Toilet paper well it’s still scarce but finding wipes and food, fruits ,veggies and meat we are good to go . We went to the beach and walked around it was a lot of fun getting out of the house . It’s been nice here. The dog is a lot bigger than last time but I still get tickled playing with her although mummy worries she will knock me over bc she is so much bigger. She likes tickling my ears it’s funny . We got home and I have no school still, I have no clue why but my mummy is home with me and we do my program so it feels like school just way more intense. Mummy doesn’t give me a break she pushes and pushes . Whew wish we had school back way easier drawing and playing with Mrs King and Mrs Torres and my teacher Mrs Sparks. I think school is a vacation compared to mummy schooling. She needs to go to work so I can rest . I am doing a lot better in so many things, so they say I love getting my vacuum and vacuuming when they aren’t looking I even helped daddy with my craftsman tools when he had been doing all sorts of projects around here. I’m telling y’all it is weird my parents are doing weird things bc of this crazy thing going on!!! I don’t get to go to the store or to town much anymore I stay home apparently they said people have fights at the store over toilet paper . I think adults are crazy but my daddy and mummy protect me. I just hang out and make their projects way more interesting. Like daddy was using the drill and when he wasn’t looking i took his screws and ran off with them he turned to get one and well mummy and I giggled.... he called me a monkey. I am getting as they say more cheeky as I grow into this toddler stag more. They wanted me to be a typical toddler think they are rethinking that 😂. But I have learned to put some things up and help with cleaning. I’m doing really good with my numbers and my colors . It’s a lot of fun to learn!! Masking is great I’ve met my goal everyday now and I feel a lot better . I even starting to startle mummy says. But good grief who wouldn’t blink when a loud air horn went off. Mummy couldn’t even record she jumped and she pushed the button. She jumped higher than me and she knew it was coming silly mummy. I am reading a lot with daddy and mummy I love books! I am running better I don’t fall so much . I’m even learning to balance . Hope everyone finds toilet paper... I decided I’d just stay with diapers adults stress too much over the rolled paper.... mummy says no Liam we have to go potty. I just don’t know how to tell her I have to go. I do good in the morning but I just don’t get it. Wishing everyone a blessed month. Until next month love y’all Love Liam xxx www.runwithliam.org