4 years 6 months Well I guess I can say I’m over staying home!!!! Mummy seems to enjoy torturing me with learning. School was easier . I have gotten so used to being trapped inside I don’t even enjoy going outside as much as I did. Good grief our house has been like upside down stuff everywhere from daddy painting the walls I’ve enjoyed helping him some by helping I mean stealing his tools or nails and hiding or just walking off with them when he isn’t looking and he thinks I am helping him. I’ve been using my drill and helping as much as I can when I’m not being my cheeky self and hiding things. Although the Dewalt is way cooler than my craftsman I got for Christmas . I have been doing a lot of mimicking as they say where i want to do what daddy is doing. That’s apparently a good thing. I love being his shadow. But I also like to drive him up the wall he is painting . When I watch my favorite movies I like to go and get what stuffed animals I have that are in the show. Like Toy story I go get buzz, woody, Jessie. When I watch Peter rabbit I get my rabbit and Paddington I get alll my Paddingtons. I love Paddington. I got to FaceTime with my best friend Catherine . I really miss having a friend she was the best but love I can FaceTime her!! She is silly and makes me laugh! I got a really neat chocolate Easter bunny again this year and I kissed him and got all my rabbits out to show mummy my rabbits like my new one. I played with him in my room and put him in my bed and danced with him. I didn’t want to eat him he was my new friend. Finally his ear broke off and mummy couldn’t put it back on after me begging her to do I had to do it .... I ate his ears . But I felt terrible about it. He was my friend I kept pointing and then pointing to my ears. But I don’t think mine would taste as good as his did. I’ve missed going to the farm, seeing Miss Kay, and just getting out and going to the park to throw rocks in the water. I’ve learned how to get what I want to attempt but so far mummy is on to me !!!! Ugh come on turn your back!!! I know where she hides my game so when I think she isn’t paying attention I push a box over to her dresser and remove her things off of it and climb up and guess what BINGO. I got my game. But then after all that work I’m caught... in trouble and she puts it higher. So back to books!!! I’ve enjoyed reading my home made books. Masking seems to be making me feel good although I get silly with the mask and make goofy faces! I still love the timer tho. And music! Mummy has been working on colors with me. We take fruit loops and I eat the color she calls out. Although I eat all of that color before the next lol. She’s learning just let me do it my way. I still don’t want to potty train. I don’t see the point . I don’t understand when I have to go. I just don’t feel it like other people I guess . Sometimes mummy will catch me and rush me to it I will go then but it takes me awhile . The cool thing is if I do go she lets me have what she calls “screen time”. I call it game time. I can play it all day . She said I need to be doing activities and not playing on the game all day. So stuck doing books, word cards and silly log rolls that I still don’t know if they are funny or agonizing. She pushes me and I laugh until I’m done and then I get up and run away. I am definitely in my what they call toddler determination stage! I have my own mind and I know what I want. I have begun to make some new sounds “Na. Na.” Ya” more Ba sounds still dada dada mamamama but it isn’t because I am asking for them it’s just sounds I make but I can point out my mum, dad, sisters, niece Daisy and Nephew Ollie... my Walker whom I missed when I went to North Carolina if he had been there oh how fun it would have been. He would have played with me ... but my sissy played with me. Sure wish we had a sidewalk for me to use sidewalk chalk here. Instead when mummy isn’t looking I get the markers to the floor or cabinet but she bought me paper so that has helped . Don’t know why it’s a big deal she always gets it off whatever I color on. But I mean daddy is painting why can’t I color!! I just want to make it look nice too. I’m doing better with numbers, letters and colors . Mummy has been working with me in the letters in my name. My Paddington plate counts to 5 and I show mummy each number when she asks . I love learning I know a lot wish I could blurt it out but I can show people how smart I am if they just give me a chance . I am learning how to get undressed by myself. I can do the Socks easy peasy... pants I’m getting it. Getting them off is easier than on. Shirts no so much mummy still has to help me. I don’t know why those things seem so hard !!! So being cooped up had made my mind turn more so I found out I can climb up on my little stool and I got my candy bar it was sooo good mummy and daddy didn’t catch me until it was a half gone they said it was expired by 3 years but I thought it was good and didn’t care at all. So since it got me up there mummy took it away and put it on the table don’t know what she was thinking I can climb anywhere hello so I got on the table and I got the stool and took to her closet and put on the scale but I was still not quite y’all enough to reach my game ugh!!!!! But little did she know I was figuring another way!!! I got the step stool and jackpot!!!I got it!!! But as soon as I got two of them ugh here comes mummy and I’m busted so I put them both back climbed down and giggled and of course she had to laugh because I’m so dare cute. She did say she might stop making me mask bc I am using my brain too much lol I know she’s kidding . I’m getting smarter, learning and growing more and more each day. I love making them laugh when I do silly things . Hey I’m 4 you are only little once so I am going to enjoy being cheeky and learning my limits. Daddy and mummy have been doing a lot of painting and remodeling and I have been helping a lot. I use the power tools I would prefer the real ones over mine for sure. I help a lot now. If daddy ask me to put something in the refrigerator I will help and put it up. I am throwing things in the bin and have learned to help with lots of things . I’m doing so much more since we’ve been out of school don’t know if it’s because I’m stir crazy or if this program is just that good. It’s not always fun tho. Sometimes I want to watch tv or play my game but she won’t let me play my game anymore at home. She said she will give me 30 min if I use the potty . I will go just enough to try to get it, she is on to me though so I have to do better. I’ve got to look for bugs and play with rocks some with my friend Cutter they come see us on their golf cart some in the evenings and we get to sit outside . It’s been kind of hot and I’ve not wanted to walk much. Mummy made me go in the wagon the other night it was fun. Think she just wants to get fresh air although the pollen is killing her eyes . Her sweet friend Kay Musick came to see us and we went and saw the turtles and threw rocks in the water and then my grandpa Manny came and brought his new puppy for me to play with, it was fun we threw the ball and he spun me around and we had a great time. I love it when he comes to visit me! I am really working hard and learning each day. Love torturing my parents and loving on everyone. Love aways, Liam www.runwithliam.org