4 years 7 months

4 years 7 months

I am 4 years and 7 months and am making new progress daily so they say it’s progress to me I’m just figuring out how to do things I want to do and when they won’t do it or get it I will figure it out just you wait. My game is my favorite thing ever and why They won’t let me play it at home is frustrating but I have figured out if I get bigger boxes or stools I can reach. It’s easy to push a box or tote thru the house to the hiding place that isn’t a hiding place bc I know they are there!!!! I took my little stool and put it on the scale and I could almost reach. The step stool tho is definitely the way to go and I am not scared to climb up and down it now.

I have been counting ... no not out loud but I get my cups down out of the cabinet by climbing up on my step stool or box of trash bags and I stack them and I stack and show you there are 4 . I know my colors and can point them out when asked ... if I feel like it , if I don’t listen don’t think I don’t hear you sometimes I am busy thinking about my next task I just chose to ignore you . But I am what they say following directions better . Guess it’s because I help them throw away trash when asked. I’ve learned how to take off my pants when it’s shower time. Still struggling with potty training I don’t get it. Don’t know I’m doing it till it’s done . And then it’s too late but mummy is trying to help me . I still love to read I’ve been home so much I’m a little crazy and have been driving mummy crazy 😜. I feel if I drive her crazy enough she will give in and give me my game, for some reason that only works on daddy. We have been painting the house still my stuff isn’t where it belongs and my room is not my room anymore so I just wonder around I slept in the recliner the other night my bed is in my sissy old room and it’s too far from mummy and daddy so I put myself to bed in the recliner. I love that chair .

I still can’t dress myself but I did put on my own boot the other day. Daddy said it was on the wrong foot so he helped me get it right but hey I did it right. I’m trying. I tried to put on daddy boots but they were way to big.

My oldest sister came down to get some furniture for their new house with my nephew Ollie he’s so small but I love him even when he cries just wish I could help him be happy like me... my sister complains a lot and she told mummy I pinched her .. she’s such a baby glad she has her own house or I would stay in trouble she is a tattle tell . She even told mummy I tried to pull my nephew hair . I don’t pull hair I like to pet his head but I would have been in trouble again. If this is what it is like to have a sister at home so glad I just get to visit because I don’t like being in trouble it makes me feel bad. I like being happy and staying in my own world but I love to giggle and tickle everyone at least I don’t look for belly buttons anymore.

I got to see my auntie Dawn Wendeland my auntie Shelsea Becker and Uncle Matt Wendel, Uncle Travis Swan Long Auntie Arlett Long. We say we are moving and now we are seeing everyone!!! I love seeing them !

Auntie Shelsea helped move my bedroom we had so much fun playing!!! I’m going to miss them but I know they can’t stay away from me long they’ll come visit I’m tooo cute to not visit!!! I kind of steal your heart ❤️.

Casey, Hattie and Gunner took us to eat dinner that was a lot of fun I get to wear Gunner out!! so funny wearing out a teenager.. geez I am 4 you would think they could keep up ... Guess you start slowing down once you get out of the toddler years i sure hope I keep my energy.. 🙂

My auntie Misty came and helped us pack too. We’ve had a lot of helpers of course I like to distract and take the attention 🙂 I’m good at that but she seems to get it done so obviously I’m not distracting enough.

Also got to see my cousin Terri on our trip to our new house. Love seeing family!!

Had some fun doing online school but sometimes I get bored. But blowing bubbles in water was fun. Now I like to blow them in all my drinks. Glad my teacher taught me how to do that it’s sooo funny! I got to see my cousins Connor and Hannah . I don’t see them much but it was a lot of fun to play for a little while before our move.

I went with mummy to clean this week daddy has to work a lot so mummy takes me which I don’t mind bc I get screen time. I will do anything for screen time.

We have begun our move it’s been well GREAT!!! I got to see my cousin Teen teen and Maci and Vaughn .... and and and ... I’ve been in the car a lot and you know what that means screen time! The new place is a big yard and lots of stairs I get to play on. I finally got on the swing and mummy helped me go down the slide. I helped mummy clean the pool and have tried to help make things. I made a big mess in my new room . We have been out to eat a few times people here aren’t so crazy with mask and being scared of this whatever it is that is going around making adults act weird but me I just live like I normally do. I don’t go many places anyway. Although daddy takes me to Lowe’s its my favorite place especially on his shoulders . I helped mummy mop and vacuum I am a Big helper . I got to meet my cousin Mary and Vicki they are neat they pick me up and talk to me and play with me . We went to eat with them and they showed mummy a short cut too bad she didn’t pay attention bc when she tried to take it she well ended up somewhere totally different but it’s ok I got to play my game longer and she finally got us home . So far we are half here and half in Texas but most of my stuff is here. Daddy built a new bed I keep telling them it’s my bed. Mummy is begging him to make me one so she can have her bed back but I’m good just sleeping in theirs or should I say mine. Everything is pretty much mine right. 4 year olds rule!!!

until next month .......my adventures continue....

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