4 years 8 months So this month is weird. I have no toys, clothes , furniture , oh and no BED but it’s ok now I’m allowed to sleep in the recliner!!! I’ve had some screen time I’m normally not allowed bc daddy and mummy are trying to load , drive, move and pack. So glad I’m 4 and I don’t have to do the hard stuff. But I do love helping with power tools and helping daddy with the dolly. I even help daddy load and close the trailer . I’m soo big now. Mummy and I stayed here and we have no stove or refrigerator so we have as she says been roughing it. Grandma brought us a mini fridge and I got to see my uncle steestee I love him he’s fun! I’ve worked with mummy a lot cleaning and at her office well I don’t work but I am there and just behave unless she isn’t looking then I want to make copies haha. I don’t hurt anything just like to watch the paper come out it’s sooo funny!!! I really like David he plays with me and does fist bump and walks around with me outside he is super cool. I like to help mummy clean I get neat water views and love to chill while she works. We went to the firehouse to have dinner with daddy and I finally got to see my big fire truck! Going to miss the big trucks when we move:-(. Got to watch Bryan play with his remote control car it was so fun and fast! His daughter was so sweet she was coloring on the board with me and making me laugh. She understands me and was so much fun. Then uncle Tim brought out the drone that was cool too I just watched it fly way in the sky. They were watching all the cars drive by and looking at the sunset from above it’s so neat. Really loved meeting the neat EMS crew they were so nice and a lot of fun. They played with me and made me laugh Nicola is from Scotland like my grandma and some of my other family she had the neat accent. Mummy told her she would share chocolate with her so she must be special !!! We are house sitting some for my Auntie Dawn and Uncle Matt my sweet friend Silas the puppy didn’t want to play with me this time guess bc Uncle Matt wasn’t there . Mummy bribed him with treats to come downstairs and play and to go outside some. Dogs always come for treats but so do I they are smart like me. I got invited to my friend cutters 2nd birthday. I played in the water and his sister squirted me with a water gun she is so cute and fun. It’s fun to play with other kids especially when they play with me. I don’t normally have people to play with except older kids or adults so it’s nice to have people my size or a little bigger to play with me . I like playing with the girls .. guess I’m all boy there. My friend Tyne and I got to play at the new Lakeside park together. I loved the water coming over and hitting my legs it was a lot of fun his family owns Ginger and Spice our favorite restaurant! Mummy and his mummy are friends and we are very close in age just a few weeks difference . We got to go out in the boat with my friend Cutter , Amber and Uncle Tim . He let me drive the boat and I had so much fun sitting in the water and playing with him and daddy. Then I enjoyed eating all the snacks. Mummy bought some awesome snacks. Daddy last day at the fire station was Tuesday and they had a big going away party we missed it because went left early to go to our new house . We stopped my my Auntie Tina on the way so I could stretch my legs I love playing with my cousins Maddi and Maci. And of course Auntie Teen Teen is pretty crazy herself!!! My aunt Dawn came with us and we have had so much fun so far we got the pool clean and mummy got the yard cleaned up. Auntie Dawn is a lot of fun in Tennessee,she got a box and slid down the stairs if I tried that mummy would be like NO NO Liam! But auntie dawn can do it and she did it on her bum and face first!! Mummy has some nice friends here that I loved and they came and helped us around here. Wish I had a picture of Rhonda but I know I’ll see her again... While they were here we went for some good food at the pizza place (Zanders). and walked up and down Main Street . I wasn’t as excited to walk around and look in shops if they wanted to bore me good grief at least be nice give me my game so I can have fun while you do!!! I’m just a kid here!!!! But it’s all good didn’t last forever and I survived it and then back to the house for water fun !! The next day We went to habachi and auntie dawn and I played games I won a chicken was sooo excited !!! Although unlike mummy she didn’t have her phone so no video . We decided to try to get the ball on the way out. They kept sticking dollars in it but the ball kept falling . You get excited and it falls ugh. Finally back home Victoria , my Auntie Mary and auntie Vicki came over the last day before we had to leave and I got to swim with Victoria and Dawn fun times . Love having pool time. We came inside and daddy made burgers on the grill, yay no fast food tonight. Even had veggies from my Auntie Shelsea and My auntie Tina gardens ... After dinner my new Auntie Victoria cut my hair and my Auntie Mary helped. I played my hair cutting game trying to show them how it was done, but they wanted to do it their way so I crossed my legs and did it my way! I think I’m good at cutting hair and making it grow. Although I love having my hair cut I like to feel my head afterwards. I love love love the clippers !!! We had to finally go back to Texas and mummy and Auntie Dawn were being crazy singing and my aunt dawn thought it was funny to make the big trucks honk their horns . On the way home I got to see a real tractor getting gas. The farmer was sooo nice! I was sitting there when he started it up and it roared!!! Then he started to drive off and a loud sound came out of the tractor and I jumped like crazy. It startled me!!!! I know you think well I would jump to well yes you would bc when someone scares you or makes a loud sound that is the normal thing to do. It’s a big deal for me because I have never ever startled and now I am!!!! Yay for the Doman method!!!! Even if it seems like my life is busy and hectic with this move.. mummy still tries!!! We stopped at Buccees and I saw a big firetruck the guys were nice and gave me a hat even offered to let me see the truck... I was a little scared which is odd for me bc I normally don’t meet a stranger but it wasn’t my fire family in that truck and I didn’t want to be in a truck that wasn’t my guys!!! But I like the hat they gave me Anyway and I told them thank you in sign!!! I have that down good!!! We dropped Auntie Dawn off at home and uncle Matt was laying on the driveway with simba he is so crazy! He always makes me laugh. We got back to our house and I was so tired I crawled In my recliner and was asleep before mummy could kiss me goodnight! The next am I went to my Auntie Shelsea mummy had to clean! I had a blast with her, Bryce and my Uncle James are the best! And of course we can’t forget the dogs I love her dogs!!!!!! I played watched a movie and got to eat Frosted Flakes! I never had those before mummy doesn’t really give me cereal but was a great treat!!!!! I helped mummy finish some Houses and we got home really late and I barely took a bath but mummy made me do it. I got my shower and out I went. What a long month ... but eventful !! Nice to have some traveling going but we’ve been in the car ALOT!!!! Love all of you! Thanks for your support, love and for following me. Have a blessed July!!! Until July29th....... Love Liam