4 Years 9 months

4 years 9 months I am growing but not eating as much since we are still moving . My house in Texas is empty . I have been sleeping on the recliner and I will be honest I love love love it!!! I sleep all night long and it’s so comfy mummy wouldn’t let me when my bed was here but my bed is too small I’m a big boy I need a big bed!!!!!! Hello Daddy you made mummy a bed because he gets to enjoy it so guess what I will sleep in their bed until I get mine. At least if I kick them enough they will get me a new big bed too.... but until then I have the recliner in Texas. Mummy has been showing our house we hope we have it sold then I get to get back to my big pool and all my toys ! But I will be honest I’ve enjoyed screen time a lot. She never lets me play at home I have to beg for a game. That’s why I love road trips and love working with mummy or when daddy is home he sneaks it to me! I’ve been with mummy a lot I love giving her kisses she is so funny she gets to laughing and so do I!! I got to stay with my Auntie Shelsea some again I love going over there and playing with my puppy. And I get my blanket and sit on my favorite couch I feel like I belong there and well I just take over. She don’t care I’m so cute I can just smile and well it’s like here you go Liam, My giggle gets her too !!!! I got to see my cousins Hannah and Connor for a little while at a grandmas house .
My big other kind of sister Payton game and kept me while mummy had to work and I got to play with a big box with her. She is full of energy and it was sooo much fun. She made me play!! I had fun after she got me started .

We went home for a little while and I got to watch despicable a million times and guess what ??? DADDY finished my Bed! It is soooooo nice, it’s big and comfy and I have. A fire comforter and fire pillow, my auntie Mary and Vicki got me a fire curtain and mummy hung up all my fire stuff on the walls! I am really missing the fire trucks and my fire family. But glad I have all my patches and stuff on my wall to remember them all.... mummy and I made a very fast trip to see my bubba Walker, sissy Joy and Niece Daisy. Oh Lord you wouldn’t believe mummy decided to try and go thru McDonald’s with the ge trailer behind us!!!! She got stuck! But I will give it to her she backed the whole trailer out and still got my nuggets in good time... at least we didn’t have to pull up and wait for our food by the time she got sorted it was ready and waiting!! I’m still laughing ! But she did pretty good. We took them their stuff fro Our house and it was nice to visit bc I get to play with Caliber. She didn’t play with me much at first it was sad but then sissy let her play with me and I had soooo much fun. But the trip was too fast I didn’t get enough time!!! We got on the road early the next am and took a scenic route mummy had the trailer still and the road was sooo small it was like UK small but we survived the twist and turns and lots of nice stops to look at scenery ... at least I got to stretch a little... we got back to Tennessee and I got to swim twice in my new pool and wear my new Batman swim suit and Cookie Monster swim suit. My Auntie Mary and Auntie Vicki came and played with me and went swimming too!!! One day when daddy was sleeping for his night shift mummy took me to Montgomery Bell State park I threw rocks in the creek, was able to swing on the swings and walk around and we went to a big lake where people were fishing. It was nice to get out and walk outside but I still wanted to go home and relax but she made me play!!! Poor me right! Making me get out and play outside in nature! Yes I like it but I also like relaxing aka playing game in the car and watching my minions!!! Mummy has found some great new groups and met some really nice people in Dickson! We love a little place called Jeannie’s in Dickson and they are sooo nice to me! I get pancakes and cinnamon skillet !!! The waitresses are so sweet!!!mummy as always has become a regulars somewhere! Guess nobody is surprised she is making lots of new friends. I knew she wouldn’t stay home and be quiet for long. We (daddy and i ) are quiet enough she just can’t do it!!!!

Mummy and I had to go back to Texas I didn’t have enough play time but was glad to be on the road where I could have screen time again!!! Mummy hates mask so we don’t go into stores she gets gas at the pump changes me in the car and has snacks for me so she doesn’t have to go in. Thank god for our family on our route so I can get out and play a little . We stopped and saw my sister Kaytlynn and Bubba Nicholas house on our way to our Old home in Texas At her new house. I was ready to go I don’t always feel comfortable in places but after a little while I was good, sometimes I just have to get used to the environment. But I got my game anyway!!! And my nephew Ollie wanted to play with it too: but I wasn’t in the sharing my game mood!!! We stopped at my cousin Terri house too and I saw my cousin Amanda and Amber and Auntie Sandy and cousin Jamie. I decided mummy was going to talk so I was going to take a nap and I was out in seconds.... We got in late and I was ready to sleep.... but more to do we are always running here unlike Dickson where I am bored bc we stay home where our stuff is. And mummy isn’t working yet! I have been getting sometime at Blair’s all the girls there love me and I act like I own the store I walk around and show customers how cute I am and the girls all smile, laugh, play hide and seek with me and I make them all laugh. I got some Hattie Blair time oh I love my Hattie Blair!!! Mummy and Auntie Casey went out to eat and I got to eat a lot of their chocolate molted cake! It was yummy and I was covered in chocolate and enjoyed every single bite! I have been cleaning with mummy (well watching the boaters and playing my game she cleans not me!!). We had to go to the dealerships mummy needed her oil changed because of all the travels and her radio is really messed up and it drives her crazy in the car on our trips we walked to the restaurant across the street and we got to spend time with mummy most awesome friend Christy!! She always takes care of mummy and Before Covid I would sit at her desk and pretend I worked there and take over making everyone smile! I have that affect on people!!! My red hair and my grin who needs words!!!!
I love Matt and Christy and love how good they are to my mummy!!! Will miss our visits to the dealership and to my sweet haircut place with Denise! Hopefully I can see her and say goodbye when mummy goes to get her new radio this week!

Well my eventful weeks aren’t slowing down but saying goodbye is getting harder for mummy! Thanks for loving us and keeping us in your prayers!!! Big moves and big things to come for me!!!

Love Liam