5 years 1 month

Well the journey begins ..... I’m 5 what does that mean .... well to me it means I’m not 4 anymore. I have to count one more finger to get to my age and of course it means I’m taller, stronger , cuter (as if that could be possible ).

Mummy says my feet stink. My little Liam feet didn’t stink so guess that’s part of getting older. (Not attractive right).

We are home for my birthday daddy let me play with the drone. It’s fun chasing it or should I say it chases me. I had cupcakes and breakfast with my sweet girl friends at the cafe Summer and Paige. (Didn’t get a picture but will). He French toast I love the French toast!!!

It was a chill day but mummy let e play with my game bc it was my birthday! Sometimes I wish it was always my birthday so I could play with it.

It’s getting colder in Tennessee... I kind of like it , but hate I can’t swim. It’s nice tho bc I don’t get too hot and start feeling bad :-)

I’m really into Thomas the trains . And just trains ........

Halloween I dressed in my bunker gear and had breakfast with the ladies at the cafe! They had spooky food!!!! Interesting and I wasn’t so sure my fruit wasn’t normal so wasn’t sure about eating a banana with green stuff it kind of looked like well boogers I know I stick my fingers in my nose but that is my nose and my boogers (I learned from my sister kaytlynn. Mummy says it’s gross. I’m 5 and a boy so gross is fun !

We came home and chilled and then went to the fire house ! The chief gave me a challenge coin and patch for my wall collection. I played with some new friends I made one little boy he is 3 and has some special needs like me. We made great friends and I loved his mum and dad!!!

We looked at the trucks but mummy wouldn’t open the doors and it made me mad she said they were her trucks to open. I miss daddy being a fireman where I could sit in the trucks!

We went to the HVAC place in white bluff next it was fun I got to help make and watch popcorn pop with Bruce! He’s great he’s the one that helped fix our AC and heat that was causing mummy lots of stress in our new home. I met a lady named Amanda and kept hugging her and really loved all the ladies saying I was sooo cute I just smell and show off my wonderful personality and win all the ladies!!!

I got some M&M and almond Joys yummy !!!! Afterwards we went to eat at the catfish kitchen I was so tired I almost fell asleep in mummy lap but she let me watch Thomas on her phone for me to stay awake..... now I know act like I’m going to sleep and I get her phone!!!! I love being cheeky. I am making more sounds daily! I can do a cow, horse, monkey, snake, puppy .
I make circles know my numbers to 10 and know my colors ..

My friend Catherine sent me a matching game for my birthday I’ve been playing it a lot and I have gotten very good at it. I love the echo I can do just anout anything . I add things to mummy and daddy grocery list, watch Minecraft, movies , music , my favorite is taking videos and pictures of myself and replaying them. I’m so funny I make myself laugh over and over . Daddy and mummy took me to the Loretta Lynn dude ranch and we got to be outside it rained some but we still had fun and it was nice to be outside and see the horses. I got a new stuffed cow it is sooo cool. They said Loretta Lynn still lives there behind the house people can go into.

I get to do music therapy some with my UK Kleefstra family I am starting to get into it more and like to shake my rattles when we get to make noise!!! We get to make lots of noise and dance a lot... it’s fun!!! And o get to see my Kleefstra family on TV.

I have decided I like Santa I found him all my myself and mummy thinks it’s funny I tell everyone he is bringing me presents.

She got me a elf and he has a super hero costume like my cape! I named him Fizby. Daddy always helps me name my friends . I am loving playing my Santa game I found I can make him sneeze and laugh and even dance. The sneezing is funny!!! I have been watching lots of Christmas movies. We haven’t really left the house bc I have a big appt coming up so mummy wouldn’t let me go out much. But she did let me go pick out a Christmas tree. That was fun and the tree is sooo pretty I can’t wait for Christmas I’m so excited . I finally like to open gifts and I am learning so much. I make a lot more noises even with all the moving mummy and I couldn’t do my strict program but she has tried and the masking and the vitamins still help me a lot.

My Auntie Mary and Auntie Vickie came to see me and brought me a super fast car and I love to watch it crash into the doors or walls it’s sooooo fast and I think it’s so funny I do it over and over again. They always buy me cool toys!!!

We came back to Texas stopped and saw my Aunt Teen Teen and dropped off a bag of clothes for my nephew Ollie. I got to play with Maddi and Maci so it is always worth the stop . They have another dog and I thought it was funny bc it was chasing the little dog and the little dog was crying like a little cry baby and it didn’t even touch it. But I laughed and laughed. I love telling everyone about Santa claus and how he is going to bring me presents!

We got back on the road and I got to enjoy Buccees and my favorite crackers!!! Finally got to Texas and went to my Uncle Travis and Aunt Arlett house and got to see Madysen, Aneliah and Haley. She had a big meal so I enjoyed some sweet potato casserole. We went and stayed back at the lake house I love the lake house and feel very comfortable there. Beckie and Tony are so nice to allow us to stay there .

Had to get a Covid test and have Q tip stuck up my nose.... NOW EXPLAIN to me why I am told nothing up your nose or ears .. but they stick a ear cleaning qtip up my nose really!!!! Hmmm why can grown ups do what they tell you not to do!!!! But on a good note they said mummy and I are negative so she said I can do my therapy starting Monday the 30th.... I promise I will probably have a lot to say about the next three weeks!! That is to be continued over the next three weeks or maybe the next liam says... I know the suspense is killing you lol...

We went and saw aunt dawn dawn and then went to the office for a little while. I was happy with that got me a snack and game time. Left there and went and a Saw auntie Shelsea !!! I got to play with Traveler!! He licked me and chased me and we had a blast!!!! I love love that dog he belonged to my grandma “lovey” Tamra! He loves me as much as she did. I sure miss her!!!! We had to leave I was sad but had to get some groceries so I had oatmeal and then went to ginger for my noodles!!! I miss Ginger!!!

We tried to go to bed early but mummy just can’t seem to get to bed early.

When we got up we cleaned up around Tony and Beckie’s mummy wanted to make sure their house was ok for the cold weather . We then wen to aunt dawn dawn and uncle Matt “cheeseburger French fries” and aunt Arlett and uncle Travis came over also. It was nice to see all of them again and uncle Travis was throwing me in the air .... I got to see Bryant too!!! I miss framily!! They all love on me and I enjoy playing with them!
Mummy went to get gas and uncle Travis and auntie Arlett went and got me a Santa cup! I love it !!!! They already gave me a cool snowman cup!
Glad they come to Tennessee to see me I really am going to miss all of them and Aunt Arlett cooking!! And she reads to me!!

We left there and I got to go get my hair cut with miss Denise! I ran and gave her a hug and talked her into letting me sit on the green truck. Mummy said “liam you are too big for that”. She said if that is what you want and I got it!!!! My hair looks good I just smile , make faces, pretend to drive , watch Blippi and enjoy getting my hair cut. We got to play with balloons afterward (I was last client). And the favorite OF COURSE!!!!! I’m awesome like that! Headed to get dinner and to my uncle Adam and Auntie Monica where I got to chill with Adam and play games while Monica fought with lights on the Christmas tree and mummy and her talked! She put a neat little rug thing under the tree and I showed Adam it if Santa on it. I can find Santa anywhere he is the coolest bc he is going to bring “me “ presents!!! Time for bed.... and time for a long new journey tomorrow.. love all of you and will update soon.

Life at Napa.....in Texas of all places....

Love Liam